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Writing Prompts for Kids in Elementary and Middle School

Batul Nafisa Baxamusa Mar 14, 2020
The main motive of introducing writing prompts for kids in elementary and middle school level, is to enhance their creativity and expressiveness through the medium of writing. Writing prompts will encourage children to comprehend their scope of imagination and expression, in a better way.
Knowledge through observation, and creativity through imagination, are the skills to become a good writer. Writing is an art, which though not inherent, can be definitely acquired through constant learning and practice.
Kids in elementary and middle school are still at a learning phase of life, wherein it is possible to widen their scope of imagination, and induce the art of expression through writing. There are various writing styles that exist, out of which, there are 4 styles that are introduced during elementary school.

Styles of Writing

Writing styles focus on the overall development of a child as a communicator. Skills like observation, comprehension, and interpretation; along with creativity and timeliness, should be introduced to the kids to polish their writing skills.

Narrative Styles of Writing

In this writing technique, the child is expected to narrate a story that consists of characters, plot, and a theme.

Persuasive Styles of Writing

In this style of writing, the child is free to put forth his or her own point of view on the given topic, so as to persuade the reader in favor of the same.

Descriptive Styles of Writing

The child is expected to describe a particular theme - - which could be a place, thing, person, or an animal, in a particular situation. The description would include all the possible characteristics in the scenario, both tangible and intangible.

Expository Styles of Writing

Expository writing is when you put forth your understanding regarding a factual subject through proper explanation and facts to support your write-up.

Narrative Writing Prompts

Narrative writing gives you an opportunity to enhance your imagination and be creative on how you perceive a given situation, and explain it to your readers in the flow of writing. Keep in mind that your writing should appear to be like a story, which has characters, a theme, and a plot - like a scene in a movie.

Narrative Writing Prompts For Elementary School Students

You wake up in the middle of the night, and find out that your favorite toy who you consider to be your best friend, is actually a cursed fairy. You find out about the curse and plan to help free the fairy from it. What is the curse? How will you help your best friend? Tell us the story.
You have always been dependent on others for your work, like arranging your closet, cleaning your room, etc. Your parents always ask you to be independent, saying that God helps those who help themselves, but you never paid attention.
One day, God came in your dream and told you that no one will help you unless you take efforts to help five people in your life, and take their blessings. Who will those 5 people be? What would you do to help them? Narrate the story.
In the story Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, imagine that Snow white, is actually a poor girl who lives in the forest, and the seven dwarfs are the 7 princes of another land known as Dwarfsland. They are hiding from their evil uncle who wants to kill them all.
The 7 dwarfs run away and take refuge in Snow White's house. Narrate the rest of the story and tell how Snow White helps the 7 princes go back home and defeat their evil uncle.
Remember the story of Hansel and Gretel? How the two brave kids managed to kill the cannibal witch and escape the chocolate cottage with treasure to live a happy and comfortable life with their father!
Now, imagine that Hansel and Gretel have grown up, and while walking through the woods, they end up going to the same cottage where they had killed the witch. Out of curiosity, they enter the premises and are caught by the spirit of the witch. Build a story on how they escape from there again.
You can see the view of an abandoned bungalow from the window in your room. From there, it appears like a white building with broken walls. Nobody lives there.
However, one night before going to bed, you notice that the white building was glowing, and there were creatures that looked like fairies, that were rebuilding the shattered bungalow into a beautiful castle with their magic wands.
You decide to go to the location to find out what was happening. Narrate who all you met, why they were there, and how did you play an important role in this story.
Your parents and teachers always ask you to recycle, and use recycled materials. However, you never pay attention to what they say. You also don't try to save water, paper, and electricity; never help your neighborhood when it comes to planting trees. One day, while taking a walk in your neighborhood, you hear someone sobbing and weeping.
Curious, you leave the road and start walking towards the surrounding woods. Following the sound waves, you come across a huge tree. It had a huge trunk, with holes in it that looked like a face. On arriving closer to the tree, you realize that it was the tree that was weeping, and it can also speak!
The tree is magical, and it can also take you to the past and the future. Tell us what you spoke with the tree, and what did it show you in the past and the future. How did the whole experience prove to be of help, if any?
You are fascinated with the existence of aliens, and their visits on earth. You in a way, are confident that they are real; however, your friends and family do not share the same views. One day, while playing with your collection of alien toys, you realize that there is a small round toy which is glowing, and looks like a spaceship.
You come closer to that toy, and as soon as you pick it up, you notice an injured alien inside. Narrate the story and tell us how you took care of the alien, and the events that followed.

Narrative Writing Prompts For Middle School Students

Imagine that Lord Voldemort is back at Hogwarts, and you have witnessed his first encounter with Harry Potter's son, Albus Severus Potter. Narrate the scene and your overall experience.
During your summer vacations, you observed that a pigeon always sat outside your window and looked at you continuously for an hour in the afternoon, when you relaxed in your room after lunch. It seemed as if it needed to say something, but was hesitating.
The pigeon didn't come for 6 days, but then on the 7th day, it comes to visit you with an injured wing, and a branch of dried leaves. What did the pigeon want from you? How did you help it? Narrate how the story moves ahead.
We all know the Cinderella story, and how important was the role of the glass slipper! Imagine a situation, wherein the prince ends up wondering that if the slipper was a perfect fit for Cinderella, how did it slip off her foot? So, probably, Cinderella is the girl whose foot size is smaller than the slipper? Bring this twist into the story and narrate your interpretation.
You go with your parents to a garden which has trees that are more than 1000 years old; however, visitors are not allowed to be around those trees, and can only look at them from a distance.
You desperately want to touch those trees, and you somehow manage to go near one, only to find that it can speak! The tree says, "I can tell you all that this place was in the last 1000 years, provided you climb on me and go back in time." You agree to do so. Narrate the story about your experience.
You have a magical plant with you, and only you are aware of its magic. The plant is a reflection of your moods. When you are sad, the flowers wither. When you do good to others, it grows a new leaf; and when you hurt others, thorns grow on it.
This plant tells you when you behave right, or when you behave wrong. Develop on this concept and write a story on how this plant silently encouraged you become a better human being, and how it made you realize your wrongdoings.
You are the bully of your school. You have been warned several times by your parents and the school authorities to tame your behavior, but you never listened. One day, while bunking your classes, you happened to come across a partially opened door (You had never been to that section of your school building before).
You became curious and decided to go inside to see what this mysterious room had. You entered and saw a variety of old and rusty items. Old guitars, bicycles, skateboards, and a very attention-grabbing diary.
You pick that diary up to read it. To your surprise, the diary consists of an entire list with the most notorious students in your school, and how they went missing; all during Christmas. You kept that diary in your bag, and left the room. Build a story from this point, and narrate how you investigated about the matter and solved this mystery.
Don't you ever wonder how would it be, if animals could talk like humans? Or, if you had the power that Dr. Dolittle had, so that animals could tell you, what you otherwise, cannot know. Imagine that one day, while walking back home after play, you find an injured dog. You carry it home, take care of it, and yes, it can talk, but only to you.
They say dogs can sense a person's true intentions just by their aura. There are so many people in our lives who do not turn out to be as good, or bad, as we perceive them to be.
Taking into account the prompts given, build a story on how the talking dog helped you build a stronger bond, or maintain a safe distance, from the people in your life. Create characters, a plot, and a narrative flow in the story.

Persuasive Writing Prompts

There are a lot of things that we agree with, but others don't. Persuasive writing gives you the chance to put forth your opinion on a given situation, and justify your stance on it. This writing style gives you the liberty to favor either the pros, or the cons, of a topic.

Persuasive Writing Prompts For Elementary School Students

You have a pet dog in your house, and you also have many stray dogs in your locality. You take your dog out for walks, and you see the children come to your dog to play with him; while on the other hand, when a stray dog comes in the vicinity, the children pick up stones to hit him.
Do you think it is justified to discriminate between a pet dog and a stray dog? Write appropriate points to justify your stance.
Most of us pray to God when we need help with something, do you? If yes, tell us about your experience, wherein you have asked God for help, and he answered your prayer. Also tell us why it is good to pray. If you don't believe in prayers, tell us why.
All of us have an all-time-favorite teacher in school, I am sure you also have one, don't you? Imagine that your principal has held a competition, regarding which teacher is the best. All students are required to write an essay, convincing the principal that their favorite teacher is the best. Write as to why your teacher should be given the award for the best teacher of your school.
At times, a lot of things in our life make us unhappy; be it when mommy scolds us, or when we do not get to play our favorite game when we want to. However, have you ever wondered that even your actions can make your loved ones unhappy? Write about the small little things, which according to you, are essentially required to keep others happy, thereby convincing your readers about the same.
A dog is known as a Man's Best Friend. It is the most faithful animal that serves his master to death. A donkey is known for his hardworking nature. Knowing the qualities that these animals possess, I always wonder, why we use words like "dog", or "donkey" while cursing people?
It is wrong to curse, but we do see some people who do it. Write an essay about why we should not curse, and call out names to other people. Also, give some tips to help people improve the way they talk to others.
For our parents, or grandparents, playtime meant to go out to the park, or at the beach, and spend time in activities that involved running, building sand castles, etc. Now, playtime has a new facet to it altogether.
We see kids engaged in PlayStations, online games ..., everything has gone virtual. What according to you is the right way to spend your playtime? The real way, or the virtual way? Explain supporting reasons behind your choice.
Different classrooms have different seating arrangements. Some classrooms have fixed places for students, while there are others wherein the students are required to change their seating places, and partners on a weekly, or even daily basis. Do you think that students should have a fixed seating place, or is it good to change places and sit with different classmates. Give reasons in support of your stance.

Persuasive Writing Prompts for Middle School Students

An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind. Do you agree with this statement? If not, why?
There are a lot of problems that our world is dealing with today. Problems like global warming, deforestation, illnesses, water conservation, pollution, etc., have become a major concern. If you were asked to support a cause, and increase awareness among others for the same, which cause would you pick? How would you persuade others to come and support you for the cause?
Habits are what make a person. We all tend to have habits - good and bad. If you were to pick two habits, 1 good and 1 bad, what would they be and why? For the good habit that you have chosen, persuade people to follow it. For the bad habit, convince them with supportive points, as to why they should leave that habit.
Do you believe in coincidences? There has always been a debate whether something known as a coincidence, exists or not? What do you think? Based on your belief, persuade your readers in favor of the same, with examples to support your stance.
These days, taking additional classes after school seems to be a necessity for students to excel in their exams. What do you think is the reason behind this? Are the school teachers not doing a good job, or, are the students concentrating on something else?
If your principal asked you to analyze the problem, and give them a specific solution so that effective learning can be done in the school itself, what would your findings be? You also need to give examples to support your solution to the problem.
Environmentalists have done a good job in spreading awareness about recycling. But considering the need of the hour, we must understand that recycling is not something that we can do once in a week, and be happy about it. We need to adopt recycling methods in our daily lifestyle.
You understand the urgency to save the earth, but there are many others who do not. Write an essay to spread awareness among others, highlighting how human activities are deteriorating the quality of nature, and what can be done to make our planet a healthy place to breathe in.
Almost all parents ask their children to learn how to save money, right from middle school. Do you think it is good to save money, or, do you consider it to be a waste of time? Express your views and give examples to support your stance.

Descriptive Writing Prompts

Descriptive writing gives you the freedom to describe all that you observe through your understanding and senses. Take into consideration the power of touch, taste, vision, hear, and smell; and use all these tangible and intangible observations to describe.

Descriptive Writing Prompts For Elementary School Students

You are angry with your parents for not taking you out on a picnic this weekend. Instead they take you to an orphanage with handicapped children of your age. You meet a kid who cannot walk, and doesn't get to go out because of an illness. He speaks to no one but you, and asks you to describe about how it feels to play in the park. What would you say?
You are fascinated by the land of Egypt, and the magical mysteries associated with it. You find a book on it in your community library, and while going through it, you see a golden page which says, "where do you wish to go?" On this, you answer, "The Ancient Egypt." The next moment you find yourself in the ancient Egypt, at the bank of the river Nile.
Describe your experience to your best friend, explaining what you saw, who all you met, and how you managed to return from there.
There are many different worlds that exist in this one world. We all dream of this world to be a better place to live in. We have our own set of "what we want - and - what we don't want." If you were God, and you had the power to recreate the whole world to something which can be described as "the perfect world", what would it be like?
Describe in detail about things you would include, or eliminate from the existing world. What would the people be like? Explain your world in terms of appearance, senses, and other such feelings.
Not all of us like to go to school, and do our homework, and prepare for the big test coming up this week. There are a lot of things that we don't like about schools. How about making the school environment the way you like it.
Imagine you have been given the opportunity to reform the school system completely. How would you want your teachers to be? What games would you like to play? What would you like to learn? Describe all this and explain how it will prove beneficial to you.
We have all heard phrases like "My Daddy My Hero", or "Super Mommy." We all have a person in our life who we call "OUR HERO." It could be anybody - your dad, mom, brother, sister, your teacher, or even your pet!
Describe about your individual hero, and describe the qualities that make him or her your personal idol. If you want, you can also take references of superheroes, and associate your real-life-hero's qualities with them.
All of us tend to get scared of some things or the other. For example, I am scared of heights, and darkness, but not all are. Ron Weasley in Harry Potter was scared of spiders, but Harry wasn't. Is there something that you are scared of, and your dear ones are not?
If you had to describe them how it feels to be scared of that particular thing, how would you explain it to them? Elaborate in terms of the physical and emotional changes you go through.
All parents advice their children to be a good human being. In your own words, and according to your own understanding, describe how you would define an ideally good human being. You can express your opinion using the behavioral, emotional, and physical traits, as well. You can also describe to us, how you would want to be when you grow up.
Everybody wants to be happy in life, but the definition of "happiness" varies from one person to another. What may be happiness for you, needn't be happiness to someone else. If you had to describe happiness, how would you do it? Explain what things, people, or situations will make you happy; what is the reason that these will make your life full of happiness?
We all go through our share of troubles, don't we? These ups and downs make us the people that we become when we grow up. Essential character-building traits like perseverance, determination, making choices between the right and the wrong, etc., are acquired only through rising above the burdens of troubles.
Have you had an experience as such, which has helped you become a better person? Describe the experience and how it helped you learn a positive lesson in life.
You get really annoyed when your mom asks you to clean your room, or arrange your closet, or go study when your favorite show is aired on the television. You love your mom, but you don't like it when she nags and tells you to do the things that you don't want to. Your mom loves you, as well; however, even she gets annoyed when you don't listen to her.
What if she had to leave for a month to visit a friend, and you are there all by yourself. How would your life be then? Describe how your routine would be, and how would you feel?
We all tend to have certain talents and qualities, and we all tend to get compared with some or the other celebrity. For example, if you are a good painter - you are called the next Pablo Picasso, or if you are a good writer - you are the next Shakespeare. What quality do you think relates you with a famous artist or celebrity? Describe the qualities, and the common traits that you share with that celebrity.
All of us have our own favorite things to do. For example, some of us like to spend the day on a beach, while some would prefer going for a game of baseball. Now, think of a friend who hates your idea of fun, and you hate his. Write a descriptive essay, elaborating on your feelings, happiness, joy, and fun that your favorite hobby brings to you.
Imagine if you were given a chance to live a day of your life according to your own terms, no rules, no commitments, no responsibilities. Do whatever you wish to do on that one day, don't judge your actions based on right or wrong. Don't let your conscience register your actions, however, your subconscious mind will keep a record of what you did.
Now, the next day, if given a chance, would you like to reverse the clock and make changes to what you did. Describe the actions you would do on your freewill day, and also what changes would you make if you get a chance to relive that day.
Self-conflict is a common experience at this stage of life. You come across situations wherein you fight with yourself between what you want to do, and what is right to do. For example, if a senior bullies you, you think of the teachings that you have learned so far - to be patient, to not fight, or get into a violent fight.
However, when the situation arrives, all you want to do is punch that student on the face. Have you come across a situation where you felt a conflict in terms of what you should ideally do, and want you want to do. Describe what happened and what you learned from the whole episode.

Expository Writing Prompts

Expository writing style has a broader horizon when it comes to the writing approach. In this style, the writer is expected to put forth the explanation of what he or she has understood of a given topic, or situation. The prompts could be factual, informative, constructive, descriptive, or explanatory.

Expository Writing Prompts For Elementary School Students

There are many people who are fascinated with the idea of keeping dogs as pets. Though it may seem to be an easy task, taking care of a dog requires a lot of discipline and determination. You have a pet dog, and your friend needs your guidance to take care of the puppy he has recently got. What routine would you ask him to follow, and why?
During your last summer vacations, you and your family got a chance to taste a new dish which you absolutely loved! You came back from your vacation and told your best friend about it. She wants you to try making it for her. Based on your understanding, try to recreate what you tasted. Tell us the name of the dish, and the recipe for it, as well.
It is every child's dream to visit Disneyland at least once in a lifetime. But there are many children who do not get the chance to be there. If you were given the chance to explain to a child who has never been to Disneyland, in terms of how it feels like, how would you explain it to him? Use the 5 senses (sight, touch, taste, smell, and hear) and explain how it feels like to be there.
Among the characters Tom and Jerry, who do you think is more of a trouble maker? If you had to help one of them against the other, who would you choose and why? Explain why you are favoring one over the other with suitable examples, and your observations.
Our elders have always taught us that it is wrong to waste anything, be it food, time, or materials. You have got a school project and you have been asked to create something beautiful, with things you would rather waste. What would you make, and how? Give proper instructions.
It is a beautiful experience to be able to take care of somebody. It could be anybody, friends, family, pets, an injured animal, or a withering plant. Have you ever got an opportunity to take care of somebody? Write in detail, explaining whom you helped, how you knew they needed your help, what you did to help them, and how was the whole experience?
Just when you feel like giving up, hold on a little longer, never give up! Do you think this saying is right? Have you ever experienced an incident in your life wherein you had given up on all hopes, but just because you stayed a little longer, you succeeded?

Expository Writing Prompts For Middle School Students

Your life is what you make it. Do you agree with this statement? Write your experience which reflects your belief, or disbelief in this statement.
Our lives today, depend on technology to a great extent. Right from electricity, water supplies, computers, mobiles, television ..., each and every aspect of our life depends on technology. Imagine if one fine day, you woke up, only to realize that everything in our life that is technology related, has disappeared.
We are left with only those resources that nature has to offer. How would it be to live then? Explain in detail, about how your daily routine would change, and how would you cope without technology?
There is a new kid who has joined your class in the middle of the semester. You have been asked to help that kid, and your semester exams are just round the corner. How would you help that kid? What are the essential tips that you would give that kid to do well in the upcoming tests?
The value of a gift cannot be measured in monetary terms. Tell us about a gift that you received whose value was immeasurable in terms of money. What was that gift, and how did it bring about a change in your life?
It has been over a hundred years since 15 April 1912, the day when the mighty ship Titanic sank. If you had to pay a tribute to the ship, and all the people that sank along with it, what would you do?
The world has witnessed many disasters in the past, The Great Depression, The World Wars .... According to you, which was the most infamous disaster in the world and why?
Although we all live in the same world, the way we all live our lives, is absolutely different all over the world.
While in the United States of America, we all live in a nuclear family consisting of mom, dad, and children; there are countries like India where each and every member of the family, including grandparents, uncles, and aunts, stay in the same house.
Do you think it is good? What would you prefer, living on your own, or living with all of your family members? Explain the pros and cons of your choice among nuclear family, and joint family.
There are a lot of things that we think about, a lot of things that we observe and interpret in our thoughts. Writing is one such medium which gives us a chance to let these thoughts and observations out of our mind, and give others a glimpse of our interpretation of the small, little, and big things around.
Once you start thinking and penning your version of a situation, you will know how magical and influential, the world of writing is.