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Getting Rid of Writer's Block

Sujata Iyer Jul 29, 2020
No writer likes to be stuck in a writer's block. Fortunately for all of us, here is some much-required help that we can all share and use.
Being a writer, as glamorous as it may sound and look from the outside, can be equally torturous and befuddling from the inside. Why, you ask? Let's see, have you taken up a topic to write on, but are totally lost on how to start? Or let's say you even have all the research material right there in front of you, but still don't know how to begin?
Alright, let's say you've begun writing, but have now reached a point where nothing creative seems to be coming off your pen. You, my friend, have been infected by what can be termed as the common cold of the writing world. The dreaded, but totally normal phenomenon, called a writer's block.
Well, now that you know what you've been affected by, shall we see what possible treatment can be given to this perilous situation that you're in? Read on for some tried and tested formulas on writer's block. You never know, you might find your answer in here.

How you can Get Rid of Writer's Block

If you've cherished a childhood dream of becoming a writer, then in the process of growing up, you have most definitely explored your writing skills in many ways. Even more definite is the fact that you have, more often than once, experienced a writer's block: a nagging feeling of knowing exactly what you want to say, but not knowing how to.
Or a feeling of utter despair not knowing what to say and how to say it altogether! Neither situation is worse than the other, because whichever one you're in, you're still not getting any writing done. So, let us try to find ourselves a cure that will work for us and for all our writer allies.

Free Yourself

If you want to become a better writer, then you have got to learn to treat yourself like a normal human being. Stressing about writer's block is as pointless as the proverbial crying over spilled milk. You're in it, so get through it.
Just leave everything that has anything to with writing aside and leave the writing area. Physically leave! Once you're out of the area, you'll begin to relax. Once you relax, your mind will be clear of any confusions and doubts. And you will be ready to start afresh.

Don't Criticize

One of the worst things that probably causes a writer to get his mind into a block is constant self-doubt and self-criticism. You can be your own critic, there's absolutely no problem with that. It's when you go overboard with the criticism that the problem begins.
Nothing you write will ever measure up to what you 'expect' yourself to write. Worst case scenario, these bouts of self-loathing will take you to deeper levels of doubt and you will begin questioning your ability to write a decent piece.
This affects those in the field of fiction or creative writing the most. It totally messes up the head, and can hamper any progressive steps that the writer may want to take. So, stop this onslaught of self-criticism. Give yourself appropriate credit for what you do and how you write.

Change the Topic

Another quite common cause of a mental block when it comes to writing could be that the very topic you have chosen to write on may not be as appealing as you thought it would be. It might even turn out to be plain boring. Why you chose it in the first place may be a different story altogether.
But if you have a choice, and you almost always do, change the topic that you've chosen. Take up something that triggers your interest and has the ability to maintain said interest until you've finished writing about it, and maybe even after. If you don't have a choice, then try to find aspects of the same topic that may appeal to the inner creator in you.

Ask for Help

First of all, get over the misconception that you're the only one with a problem. Even best-selling authors get stuck in a void and don't know what to write, at times.
So, if they can have the problem, you definitely can. It's nothing to be ashamed of. More importantly, it's perfectly alright to ask for help from someone who, you know, can give it. So, go on and ask around for ideas, opinions, anything that you think can be transformed into something worth reading.

Write Everyday

What makes a good writer? A person who can adhere to the mental and physical discipline of writing a few words everyday. Notice how 'words' was not preceded by any defining adjective. This means exactly what you're thinking. It means that you must write however and whatever comes to your mind when you sit down to write.
It is important to understand that you need not produce high-accolade-winning writing every time you put pen to paper. To put it crudely, do exactly what you shouldn't. Write just for the sake of writing. Review this writing later and you might be hit by some brilliant ways to metamorphose it into something worthwhile.

Entertain Yourself

Another great way to get some help for your writer's block is to entertain yourself. Go watch some television, listen to some soothing music, dance a bit, go for a power walk. Do anything that will take your mind off the writing and into a world of your own. Sudden inspiration may strike you when you least expect it.

Rest Yourself

Contrary to the aforementioned point, sometimes it may be a lack of proper physical and mental rest that could be hampering your ability to think straight. So go to sleep for a while, meditate, or simply lie down for some time. Relax your mind, body, and soul. You'll be amazed at how this can get your creative juices flowing afterward.
There can be many more ways to provide help to a person going through a writer's block. So, if you can think of them, do let us know and help us help all those who need help. Try some of these things and get rejuvenated enough to get back to the computer and type away.