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What to Write in Funeral Cards

Uttara Manohar Aug 20, 2020
Funerals call for arrangements that require one to make sure that everything is in its place and that the most important part - the funeral cards, are in order.
Funeral cards are sent to close relatives, friends, and others who knew the deceased well, a few days before the funeral. Members of the family compose themselves over the first two-three days, then have arrangements made for the coffin, the cemetery, the church service, and the proceedings that follow thereafter including the sending of the funeral cards.

Samples of Funeral Cards

The following samples will give you a fair idea of what you can write in such a card. Use these for reference purposes or draw inspiration from them.

* The names mentioned in the samples are fictitious and any likeness to these names in real life, is purely coincidental.

Tips for Choosing Funeral Cards

When piecing together your funeral card, it must be kept in mind that the details of the service are important, to avoid confusion about where and when it is. Let's see what's involved when placing an order for funeral cards.
Choose a design that isn't over-the-top or inappropriately cheery, since you want to convey happy thoughts and wishes without making it look like a greeting card. Choose soft color palettes with shades that are gentle upon seeing. Cursive font is welcome, although extra bold and hard-to-read styles should be avoided.
You can include a short prayer or poem directed to the deceased, later mentioning his / her name and the date of birth and passing. You could also mention this in a large font on the top space of the card, before mentioning the prayer / poem.
Mention the place where the funeral service is arranged at, along with the date and time. The date you include in the funeral card should have a time gap of 20 minutes before the actual service, so that arrivals will have time to gather.
Include the names of family members if you wish, or just the name of the deceased when sending it to those who knew him/her well.
With the idea clear now on how to word and choose a design for your funeral card, you'll be able to print a batch that is both beautiful and memorable for those who receive them.