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Tips on Picking Out Your Next Read

Buzzle Staff Mar 16, 2020
With so many books on the shelves, it's a good idea to turn to a trusted source when choosing your next read.
Today's bookstores, both online and brick-and-mortar, are brimming with titles competing for your attention. From fiction to nonfiction, magazines to comics, there are countless options! So many that you may feel like you're missing out by choosing one over the other.
How, then, can you make a confident decision when picking out your next read? The best course of action is to make an educated choice based upon information that comes from a trusted source. Here are some great places to which you can turn when you need a recommendation.

Local Book Sellers

Local, independent bookstores are treasure troves, filled with tomes that will entertain, inform, and delight.
The people who work at these bookstores are often well-read, and if you ask them, they can almost always guide you in the right direction. But if you prefer to find your way through the stacks on your own, don't fret!
Most local bookstores leave notes throughout the shelves calling attention to staff favorites, award winners, bestsellers. These little notes can help you find a real gem.

Book Blogs

Avid readers often take to the World Wide Web to share their opinions on books, which means that there are book blogs that cover virtually every genre within the publishing industry.
These bloggers aren't paid, and the most successful among them share honest opinions that will guide you towards a wonderful title.
Remember, though, that the reviews on book blogs are completely subjective, and that each reader has his own taste. Take the time to peruse a few until you find a blogger that shares your interests and values when it comes to reading.
Once you find a blogger who has a similar taste, you can scroll through their recommendations and start compiling your own list of books to be read.

National Public Radio

NPR has an entire section of its website dedicated to the bookish world. The columns published in this section of the site focus on book reviews and recommendations, which can help you choose your next read.
Check out the book reviews section for a breakdown of the merits of titles you may be considering, or head over to one of the more lighthearted columns, such as Three Books..., which provides three books that are based upon a similar theme with each post.
Additionally, NPR publishes great author interviews, allowing you to get a more thorough introduction to new authors or to further strengthen your love for your favorites.

Bestsellers Lists

Bestsellers lists are based on the number of books sold, not their quality, so serious readers may be a bit wary of choosing their next titles off these lists.
However, there is certainly something to be said for the books that they feature! Best of all, these lists are often organized into fiction and non-fiction, making it a bit easier for you to find something that matches your mood.

Venturing into New Genres

Those of us who enjoy reading books of a specific genre will not really try to look at anything beyond their liking. However, sailing in uncharted waters will open you to a new experience.
Branching out to a new genre will make your experience as a reader more challenging and will give you a new perspective and vista. So, if romance is your choice of genre, then you can always be a little experimental next time around and surprise yourself with a mystery or even a science fiction.

Online Aid

With online options like Amazon and Goodreads, where people write their reviews as well as recommend books, there's no dearth of options for those who want to set out on a new literary journey.
Most of these sites have interesting features. For example, Gnooks will present you with a visual map of similar authors as the one you have searched for (akin to how Google shows you 'people also search for').
Likewise, AllReaders (though not a very visually appealing site) allows you to do a detailed research on books based on plot, setting, or character.
Anytime you pick up a new book you take a gamble; you'll love the book, hate it, or perhaps worse, be completely indifferent to it. But with the right guidance from one of these great resources, you can increase the odds that the next title you choose will be a winner!