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Thesis Statement Examples for Persuasive Essays

Saptakee Sengupta Jul 31, 2020
Writing an essay on a persuasive topic is probably the best platform to reveal your perceptions and views for or against a topic.
You can put forth your arguments, discussions, and evidences for your opinions. A well-written statement creates a positive impression on the mind of a reader regarding the subject matter of your essay.
A sample is mentioned just below the title, and it guides the reader to the following content. With the thesis statement examples for persuasive essays, you shall come to know the correct ways of framing them.

Points to Remember

  • You have to clearly define whether you are supporting the topic or you are against it.
  • The key reasons should be listed to make it presentable.
  • It should not be confused with introduction, which is more generic.
  • You have to justify your arguments if they are in contradiction, with a well-established fact.
  • Interrogating people should be done with extreme politeness.
  • A short and concise statement containing all important details is actually preferred.

Thesis Statement Examples

Sex Education and Awareness

Statement: Sex education should be implemented in schools and awareness should be spread throughout the nation. With rising cases of rape, molestation and teenage pregnancy, this matter needs to be scrutinized more sincerely.
People indulging into unprotected sex and becoming victims of fatal, sexually transmitted diseases are evidences of lack of awareness among common masses. So ,is it not our responsibility to spread the knowledge of safety measures that should be taken by couples while making any kind of sexual contact? Keeping this view in mind, I proceed with my essay.

Human Cloning and Ethics

Statement: Although human beings and animals are living creatures of mother Earth, the former is considered to be superior. I'm strongly against cloning human beings, because cloning would make an individual lose his identity completely. Apart from ethical reasons, this act is a forerunner of crimes and cruelty, if inspected deeply.
Imagine your clone moving around with you? (Can you?) To be more realistic, this concept should never be supported from any point. Considering the ethics, cloning human beings is a disgrace to God's creation. With clear judgments, I go ahead with my views against human cloning.

Legalization of Abortion

Statement: Giving birth to a child under compulsion doesn't make any sense when viewed from a practical angle. Considering the troubles women undergo in bearing a child against her wishes, I'm in favor of the law that abortion has been legalized.
The concept of abortion should not be misunderstood, and women should undergo abortion only if circumstances are so dire. Looking at the positive impacts of abortion, it has improved health of women who have been compelled to conceive at a tender age. Emphasizing on rationally, I would support legalization of abortion throughout the essay.
Writing about persuasive topics is a sensitive issue. While elaborating your opinions regarding a topic, you have to be careful on the matter that sentiments of your opponents are not hurt, or else it would end up in controversy. Think on the topic with all your concentration, and then make a statement that would be highly appreciated by your reviewer.