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Thank You Card Wording Samples

Medha Godbole Jul 22, 2020
Thank you card wordings need to be precise, but it should also reflect the sentiments of the sender as well. It is a note of gratitude after all, so it has to be genuine. Here are some samples to help you out.
GB Stern told us that, "Silent gratitude isn't much use to anyone". It is amazing how true it is in an age where 'thank you' is a thing which is muttered just as a formality. Gratitude is one thing, which should be nurtured by everyone. Because the realization and the feeling that someone has done something for you, and to notice it is absolutely essential.
You needn't be overtly explicit and expressive. However, a simple thank you note is enough for the other person to know you appreciate with all your heart. In case you want to thank someone but don't know how to write one, here are some samples.

Sample #1

Dear ___________,

Thanks a ton for sending me the ___________. It's fantastic.
I just had to write you an official note for the _______ which made my birthday all the more special (graduation, parole party). It was so sweet of you to take the time to pick out something so perfect. You are the best!
Thanks again.

Sample #2

Dear XYZ,

Thank you so much for the Tiffany glasses. Those glasses were one of the first things we registered for because we absolutely loved them. The glasses will always remind us of you! Thanks also for helping make our wedding day so special. It was wonderful to see you there.

Best wishes,

Sample #3

Dear XYZ,
Thank you for gracing our wedding with your presence and the lovely gift. We really loved it.


Sample #4

Dear XYZ,

You have truly added to the merriment of the occasion with your lovely gift. Thank you for giving us a lasting memory of your kindness.


Sample #5

Dear XYZ,

Sincere thanks for the lovely bridal shower gift you sent. It is just perfect for our married life. We hope this card reflects just how much it meant to us. Thanks again.


Sample #6

Dear XYZ,

Our heartfelt thanks for all your good wishes and the lovely gift. We are thrilled to receive this gift from you.
Thank you once again.


Sample #7

Dear Juliet and Bob,

Thank you so much for your generous wedding present. John and I have been saving for a new music system, and your gift has given us the chance to buy it.

Thanks a ton. Both of us look forward to seeing you at the wedding.


Sample #8

Dear Uncle George and Aunt Edna,

John and I appreciate your generous wedding gift with all our heart. You would be glad to know that we have put it besides our set of crystal glasses. We have also bought a set, so you must come over and see them. It was fantastic to see you at the wedding, and we sincerely hope you had a good time. Thanks again.

These were just a few samples to give you an idea. These are important even if it is a single line saying thank you and you liked the gift, because then the other person knows that you value him or her. Just keep it sweet and simple, and if possible do it within a month of receiving the gift.