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Sympathy Thank You Cards

Here are some samples.
Avanika Mote Jul 21, 2020
People think that sympathy thank you cards are given to all the guests who attended the funeral. But, this is not true. This card is given to who sent in letters for not able to make and conveyed their condolences, or who handed the cards showing their support during the funeral.
If you are considering, giving one of these to the guests who attended the funeral, you should first try to keep a track of the guests and supporters who helped going out of their way.
Sympathy thank you cards are usually sent within two weeks of the event and can also be given to:
  • Friends and loved ones who helped in services like cooking, babysitting, pet sitting, driving during the funeral procession, and other such services.
  • Pallbearers
  • Clergymen
  • Guests who sent flowers, gifts, cards, or donations.
You may not be able to personally make such cards during this time of grief, make use of ready-made cards that are available in any card shop. These cards are printed with notes or blank. Buy a bulk of cards that don't have any message written inside.

Samples for Sympathy Thank You Cards

Sample for general use

Thank you for your consideration and thoughtfulness. Your presence, generousness, and support during this hard time is deeply appreciated.
Yours faithfully,

Sample for Flowers, Cards and Gifts, or Donations

Thank you for your consideration in sending the generous donation/beautiful flowers in the honor of ________. Your kindness in sending us a graceful symbol of remembrance is truly appreciated.
With Love,

Sample for Service

Dear ___,
Thank you for your kindness in helping us out with food and babysitting. Your unmatchable service in our times of need is deeply appreciated. Your helping hand made the bad time seem comfortable. Thank you so much again for your help. We will always be grateful to you.
Yours faithfully,

Sample for Pallbearers

Thank you so much for providing us with the unparalleled/indispensable service of a pallbearer. Your contributions to the service are highly appreciated. I will be grateful to you forever. Thank you again.
Yours sincerely,

Sample for Attendance, Flowers Received, Friends, and Close Ones

Thank you so much for attending the funeral. Your presence was a source of immense strength to our family. I thank you for taking the time from your busy schedule to come and share in the remembrance of ______. I found solace and warmth in knowing how favored he/she and I have been to have you as our ______. Thank you for everything.
With our love,
These were some samples for friends, family, relatives, servicemen, and other guests. Remember that your guests will not expect anything from you at this time of grief and pain. Today, there exists a lot more emotional understanding and space than in the olden days. So, do not feel pressurized or burdened by the task of sending a sympathy thank you card.
We are living in the Internet age today. So, do not feel awkward to send email notes or sympathy e-cards. There are a number of websites that offer a free e-card service for all kinds of cards and for all occasions. Make sure that you include everyone who went out of their way to help you in your bad times.
The most important point is, write it with your whole heart and you will never go wrong. Sending out these cards are a perfect way of expressing your heartfelt love and gratitude towards your loved ones for their support. So, let your loved ones know their importance in your life.