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Short Stories for Kids

Charlie S Feb 24, 2020
Short stories provide kids with fun and entertainment. They teach them the important values of life.
Short stories are popular among school going children everywhere around the world. In many schools, there is a session dedicated to story telling. According to academicians, children not only like listening to these stories, but they also shape their personality and teach them what is right and wrong.
Short stories are a playful way of conveying the useful values to children. They can also provide children with some much-needed relaxation and recreation from their regular studies. Teachers can also make up funny short stories on their own which the students will appreciate more.

Famous Short Stories

The Ugly Duckling written by Hans Christian Anderson, which is based on the transformation of an ugly duckling into a beautiful swan, is one of the best inspirational short stories for children.
Then there is The Hare and the Tortoise, which is a famous Aesop's fable which tell us how an overconfident hare, who has the capacity to run extremely fast, lost the running race to a tortoise who is slow and steady.
The Boy Who Cried Wolf is another classic Aesop's fable which conveys to kids the importance and necessity to always speak the truth in life, under all situations. Aesop's fables have always been popular among kids due to the values which they teach and their simplicity.
In the Stories from Panchatantra, the animals and birds of the forests get the position of the central character in the stories, which makes them even more interesting. Apart from these, there are many famous stories which can be accessed online.
Red Riding Hood, which has been written by the Brothers Grimm, tells kids about the strong and brave girl called Red Riding Hood and how she fights with the wicked wolf to save her Grandmother.

Types of Short Stories

Ghost Stories

Ghost stories can be really entertaining and it has been observed that most kids enjoy them thoroughly. These stories keep the suspense till the last moment, leaving the children asking for more.
While narrating such kinds of stories, you should raise and lower your voice appropriately and make expressions suitable to the context. However, if your child gets too frightened, then this might not be the stuff for him/her.

Adventure Stories

Adventure stories are also very popular forms of short stories for children. These are the kind of stories which you can create on your own and relate to the kids. In between the scenes, ask some questions to know whether the kids are really enjoying the story or not.

Historical Stories

Historical stories can help children understand the lives of great leaders and heroes of the past. This will not only help instilling values in children, but also help them perform better in the subject of History. By listening to stories of great people, these kids will be able to choose their role model very early in life and try to be like him/her.

Nature Stories

In stories related to nature, you would be describing the famous rivers, mountains, seas, rocks, etc. in the world and where they are found. In short, explain the characteristics of ancient materials for the kids to know well. Tell the kids what nature has given us and how we should protect it for our own good.
Short stories not only keep kids entertained, but they are also important to develop their sense of imagination and creative thinking capacity. There is also a lot of scope to make up some short stories of your own and spend some quality time with your kids.