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Self Publishing a Book

Self publishing is a great option to look at in case you do not want to take the route of hiring an agent and approaching publishers.
Tulika Nair Jul 24, 2020
J.K. Rowling had a winner of a manuscript in her hand and she faced twelve rejections before being taken in by Bloomsbury. The decision Bloomsbury made resulted in the international sensation which is the Harry Potter series.
You can keep convincing yourself that your dream of getting a book published by a mainstream, big publishing house will come true despite the umpteen rejections you have faced. The truth remains that sooner or later you will need to face the truth and grab the bull by its horns.
You will need to decide whether it is time to relegate the manuscript that you have worked so hard on to the trunk in your attic or it is time to look at other options apart from finding a publisher. If you have some fight left in you, then you should seriously think about self publishing.
When you talk about publishing a book on your own many people have the impression that the author turned to it because a traditional publisher would not pick up the book. While this may be true many authors prefer to self publish for the freedom it allows them.
There are many authors who want complete control over their work and are territorial about artistic expression. Others opt for this process because of the low costs involved in the same. If you have decided to self publish your book, then you need to be aware that you will be in charge of the entire process involved in publication.


Self publishing one's book can be extremely stressful because you will be responsible for every step there is. From writing the book to marketing it, everything will be your headache.
It is important for you to be prepared for the many obstacles you may face in the process of publishing your own book. If you get discouraged or dissuaded, then keep in mind the end goal and the profits you can expect from the book.
If you are looking at releasing a hard copy of your book, then you would first want to ensure that your book is complete, edited properly, and also proofread. Try to obtain the contacts of a well-known, freelancing editor and proofreader who will do this for a certain price. Ensure that you choose a title that draws in readers.
If you have contacts in the graphic designing or cover designing field, then use their expertise to design the cover of your book. Alternatively you can hire a freelancer to do the same if your budget allows for it. In book publishing, good designing will win you half your battle.
After you have the manuscript of your book ready along with the cover design, contact a printer for quotations. The cost will vary depending on the number of copies you order and the quality of the book.
You can also contact vanity presses that will allow you the option of print on demand, where there is no interference with the content. Another important thing to remember is to get ISBN numbers for your book. Remember that these numbers can be bought only in blocks of ten or so and not per book.
The Internet is another option you can seriously contemplate. There are a number of websites like Blurb and Lulu that present you with the option of publishing books online. They deduce the costs involved in printing and other similar costs and then give you proceeds that can equal almost 80% of what is earned from the book.
With e-books catching on in popularity, releasing a book online makes a lot of sense, as the reach of the books is much larger. This is also a great option for people looking for a way of self publishing for free as generally you do not have to pay a cent to these websites.
Whether you are publishing a photo book or a novel, there may be a certain prejudice that you may be faced with. Remember to let these not affect you. There are a number of famous books, for example Eragon that were initially self published before being picked up by a mainstream publisher.
The industry does come with certain pitfalls but for authors who have been stacking up rejections, it is a great way of putting their work out there.