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6 Reasons Handwritten Letters Are More Beautiful Than Emails

Rohan Kadu
A handwritten letter can make the message feel more personal than a bland email. The flow of words, the calligraphy involved, makes you feel special no matter if you are the receiver or the one writing a letter to a special someone. So, what are those finer points which make a handwritten letter more valuable than an electronic mail?
Writing or Receiving Handwritten Letters Are Mood Up-lifters
Don't you feel a sense of joy on finishing writing or receiving a handwritten letter from your loved one? It establishes a special connection between two individuals, which can never be matched by the bland appearance of an email.
Handwritten Letters Make Priceless Mementos
There is a sort of permanence with handwritten letters. Any individual who receives a handwritten letter is bound to keep it as a souvenir.
This is especially in case the letter is a love note, a poem, thank-you note, condolence or an endearing message from a close friend. Reading that letter from time to time becomes a source of comfort and warmth for us.
Handwritten Letters Can Be Sent As Greeting Cards
When a special occasion presents itself, a thoughtful message inscribed in your own hand adds a personal touch rather than a dull text message or email.
Writing Letters Bolsters Your Creative Thinking And Writing Skills
There is no undo, auto correct, or spell-check options available while writing a letter.
This fosters your creative thinking ability and makes you think long and hard before you put pen to paper. An error-free letter reminds the receiver of the efforts you took to formulate the contents of the letter.

Handwritten Letters Affirms The Significance Of A Relationship

Investing time in writing and in exchange of personal notes between two individuals shows that they treasure the bond of their relationship and want to nurture it. It is an ingenious way of developing loyalty between business clients.
Writing Letters Can Help In Confronting Emotions
Most of us have pent up issues, emotions that may be left unexpressed. Writing letters can act as a medium to release these tensions when we verbalize those emotions in the form of words. This helps in our overall well-being mentally and in-effect physically.