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Middle School Writing Prompts

Pankaj Chobharkar Feb 13, 2020
A writing prompt is a sentence related to a topic that fires up a thought process on that subject. It is just a simple sentence related to a certain topic. A writing prompt can propel your thought process or imagination in a particular direction.
Middle school plays a very important part in the academic growth of a child. Thus, it is important that writing habits develop in the initial stages. With the help of writing prompts, the student is able to put his thoughts on paper.
Many creative writers and teachers make use of this technique for improving writing skills. It is a useful technique as it caters to the creativity of a child. For different forms of writing, there are different prompts. The prompts need to be well thought of, and should definitely be thought-provoking.
The most basic prompts which trigger the thought process are classified as follows:

- Narrative Writing Prompts
- Persuasive Writing Prompts
- Expository/Informative Writing Prompts
- Journal Writing Prompts
- 'How to' Writing Prompts

Narrative Writing Prompts

Narrative writing refers to the experiences of an individual. It is basically a story writing.
It can be a biography or an autobiography. This helps a lot in developing the writing skills of a middle school student as it involves a personal touch from the writer.
Some of the narrative prompts are:

- What is your favorite time of the year?
- It was your birthday last week. Narrate how you spent it with your friends.
- What if you could become invisible?
- "A stitch in time saves nine" is a popular saying. Write a narrative about a time when you used it successfully in a real life situation.
- You have made a discovery that will make you famous. Write a narrative in which you tell about your discovery and how you made it.

- Tell about what happened the time you or someone else lost something important.

- You got a new sled and the next day there was a snow cover a foot deep. Narrate about your day.
- Which is your favorite movie? Why do you like it?

- You went on a holiday to the place you admired. Narrate your experiences.

- Write about an activity that made you proud.

- Imagine that you are alone in a desert. What all would you do to survive?
- You went to the zoo with your parents. Narrate the story.

- Write about the day you remember the most.

- Write a story in which you are the protagonist.

Persuasive Writing Prompts

Persuasive writing is a form of writing wherein the writer attempts to persuade or convince the reader about a particular topic/issue through his ideas and words.
This is a very important form of writing as it helps in developing skills that are necessary in our day-to-day life. It helps in developing confidence and debate skills in a student.
A few persuasive writing prompts are listed below:

- Persuade your friend to stay with you during the summer vacations.

- Persuade the school canteen manager to add something new to the menu.
- Persuade your mother to increase your computer time.

- Why should there be no uniform compulsion in schools?

- What is a great place for a field trip? Why?
- Should smoking be banned in public places?

- Girls and boys should be able to play on the same team. What do you think?

- To save some cash, your principal is considering canceling all trips for the year. What will you do?

- Persuade the local authority of your town to provide recreational facilities to the people.
- Write an essay to convince the readers to enjoy a particular genre of music.

- Should there be an age limit for youngsters to smoke and drink?

- Should co-education be allowed or not?

- Persuade your father to give you a motorcycle of your choice.

Expository Writing Prompts

Expository, also called explanatory, is a type of writing where one is required to explain any topic in detail.
Thus, the overall knowledge that a person has regarding the subject is highlighted. The basic experience of a person throughout his life adds to the content.
A few examples are listed below related to expository writing prompts:

- Explain the smile of a baby.
- What do you feel when you visit your grandparents?
- Write about your favorite video game.
- Who are the four important people in your life?
- You have been promoted as a development officer to a remote area. Explain to the people about the good effects of cleanliness and hygiene in their day-to-day life.

- What would you invent so that life becomes easier for you?

- Write about the most favorite TV show and why do you like it.
-Explain how bad situations can have a good side.

- Explain why someone you care about is important to you.

- Why do you like your favorite teacher.
- Explain the meaning of true friendship.

- "Dress for success" is a phrase all of us have heard before, but it means different to each person. Write an essay explaining what "dress for success" means to you.
- Explain the importance of proper diet in your life.

- Write an essay to explain why honesty is important in a friendship.

- Explain why good behavior is important in the society.

- Write a letter to your friend explaining how higher studies help in future.

Journal Writing Prompts

These prompts help in focusing the thoughts of students in a particular direction. The journal prompts are quite useful in enhancing the creativity of the child.
Some of these prompts are:

- The thing that makes me the happiest is...

- The thing I wish other people would get about me is...

- 5 things that really stress me out are...
- My idea of a perfect picnic is...

- My favorite season is..

- If you were a tiger, you would...

- What would you do if you met a ghost?
- Tell us about the experience when you rode a bicycle for the first time.

- What do you fear the most and why?

- Tell about the experience when you went to the school for the first time.

- Why would people remember you when you are gone?
- Most embarrassing moment of your life.

- Make journal entries describing how you spend your weekend.

- Gather information about the likes and dislikes of all your friends.

'How to' Writing Prompts

As the name suggests, the basic idea behind this writing prompt is explaining how to do something. This is very useful for the students as they need to understand every step before they go ahead and explain about it.
Some writing prompt examples are:

How to..
- clean your drawing room

- behave in a class room

- be the best student in your class
- make tea

- become successful in life

- stay calm in a bad situation

- be good to your friends
- write a poem

- respect your senior

- make your favorite dish

- be famous in 10 days
- make a sandwich

- treat a beggar of your locality

- be an effective person in the society

- use an electrical appliance
This is only a small list of prompts. The teacher needs to think and come up with more creative and thought-provoking topics. If you ask me what should a writing prompt be like, I will say, a writing prompt should fire your imagination and 'prompt' you to write.