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Informative Essay Topics

Charlie S
As the name suggests, an informative essay imparts information. Here are some informative essay topics.
The aim of writing an informative essay is to convey some useful information to your readers who are unaware about your topic. The facts and statistics you represent in the essay, need to be true and verified.
If written in a systematic way, these essays surely increase the depth of your knowledge and help you develop your interest in the particular subject.

Things to Remember

❖ The first thing to do before writing an informative essay is to choose a very important and interesting topic.
❖ For this, you can refer internet and newspapers, as they have all the information on latest happenings around the world.
❖ Conduct a thorough research on the topic before you start writing so that your writing is relevant and you do not miss any of the important points. You should choose topics, which can benefit many people.
❖ It should have a catchy title and a well written description and introduction, which will enable your readers to know what the topic of discussion is.
❖ Then, in the next few paragraphs, you should put forth the facts and details, which you wish to discuss with your readers. Try to use simple language for easy understanding.
❖ The body of the essay should contain the answers to all the probable questions of your readers.
❖ In the concluding paragraph, you can mention a summary of what was discussed in the essay.
❖ While writing an essay, the writer takes the role of a teacher, assuming that his readers do not know much on the topic on which the essay is written.

Informative Essay Topics


❖ Causes of global warming
❖ Effects of global warming
❖ Causes and effects of air pollution
❖ Causes and effects of water pollution
❖ Ways of preventing air pollution
❖ Ways of preventing water pollution
❖Importance of recycling of waste materials
❖ Measures to keep surroundings clean
❖ Causes and harmful effects of deforestation
❖ Effects of environmental degradation


❖ How to take care of health in summer?
❖ Causes of Diabetes
❖ Causes of cancer
❖ Different types of cancers
❖ Treatment for different types of cancers
❖ Importance of personal hygiene
❖ Importance of a balanced diet for good health
❖ Importance of vitamins and minerals

Social Life

❖ Why is education essential for children?
❖ Social evils in underdeveloped countries
❖ How to deal with social evils?
❖ How to fight against child abuse?
❖ Democracy: the best form of government
❖ Fundamental rights of an individual

Travel and Tourism

❖ Best travel destinations in United States of America
❖ Seven wonders of the world
❖ Places to visit in India
❖ Holiday destinations in France
❖ Things to take along while traveling
❖ Best locales in Switzerland
❖ Cheapest vacation spots in the world
These were some, topics which would be highly appreciated by your readers. While writing such an essay, you should make sure that the flow and presentation of the essay is proper, and the facts are to the best of your knowledge. So, put on your thinking caps and enjoy writing the essays!