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How to Write a Product Review

Stephen Rampur Jul 31, 2020
Writing product reviews can be very interesting and also turn out to be a lucrative job if done in the right way. How much knowledge you have about the product, and how do you present the product to the readers are the main factors for receiving compensation.
A product review is a piece of information relating to a particular product or service. It includes elaborated information of what is the product all about, how it is supposed to be used, what are its advantages and disadvantages, how much does it cost, and other details.
Such type of reviews can be posted on the Internet, or published in newspapers, product magazines, etc. It is very useful for people who want to buy a specific product, and are searching if the product is worth buying.

Writing a Product Review


There are many important points that you need to consider when writing a product review. You have to be very careful while writing, as even a simple mistake can give the readers an impression of the bad quality of the review. You need to follow the 'Keep It Simple, Stupid' (KISS) rule.
You have to write the review in such a manner that the readers will immediately get an idea of what you mean to say. For this, you should be direct on the point and not beat around the bush. Do not make pretensions or assumptions regarding any aspect of the product. You also need to ensure that you write what would precisely be needed by a prospective buyer.


Besides the product matter, you also need to create a good title for the review. The title should also be logical and not obscure. If you are posting the article on product review sites, entitle the review in a way which would be searched by people. Think on the title if it would be really looked for in the search engine.

Product Explanation and Elaboration

You have to explain every fact about the product in the review. But extra-long product reviews are not recommended. Explain what the product is and what it is used for.
Concentrate on what the manufacturer claims to offer the consumers with by launching the product. Explain why the product was made, and how will the competitors react. Mention the price range of the product along with the varieties available.

Product Pros and Cons

You need to mention if the product has truly lived up to the consumers' expectations. If not, give an explanation on the reasons. You also need to explain what are the product's strong and weak points.
State all the points why the product is so widely used or preferred, and the areas in which it lacks. Be very specific about the pros and cons, especially when you are writing infomercial reviews.

Other Factors

Adding some personality is a good idea to make it more interesting. Do not be extra formal, but just write your ideas and views in an informal verbal communication. For getting all the matter correct, you primarily need to have a thorough knowledge and understanding about the product.
After you have completed writing, run a spell check to rule out the possibility of spelling mistakes. Proofread the review, and search for any factual or grammatical mistakes. It is recommended to write the review with the actual product in front of you.
You should avoid writing reviews if you personally haven't tried the product. You will in no way provide much of the needed information. You may finally post the review on various product review forums and websites, or publish it in product magazines.
By now you should have understood how to write a product review, that will not only give the user correct information about the product, but will also convince them to buy the product.