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How to Send a Letter Internationally

Arjun Kulkarni Jul 17, 2020
Although the Internet has diminished communication gaps to almost null, there are still times when you need to know how to send a letter internationally. If you want it to reach the correct address on time, you need to follow a precise protocol while mailing it.
While we live in the world of emails and Internet, one cannot really deny the novelty of a letter. Something handwritten, something you can touch and feel is undoubtedly one which you will cherish and enjoy. So, as the art of writing a letter in the traditional way is on the wane, it has recently acquired a novelty value, which an email cannot replicate.

Procedure to Send a Letter Overseas

Write the Letter

Simple and straight, write the letter, purchase an envelope and slip the letter into it. The envelope helps cover the letter and secure it so that it doesn't fall out and get lost. Write the address of the recipient, on the envelope. Make sure that the address is correct so that the postman in that country will be able to find the address easily.

Postage Stamps

One important step is getting a stamp on it. What is a stamp? A stamp is the postage charge you pay for sending a letter. After all, when you send mail abroad, it takes the effort of many people and transportation to get there. Hence, you need to purchase stamps from your post office. The number of stamps needed depends on the recipient's address.
Different rates apply to different countries. So, you can check on the postal services website of your country to be sure of the postage value. The number of stamps can be more or less, because each stamp has a different value. So if your total postage charge is USD 2, you can get two USD 1 stamps or four 50 cent stamps.


You have an option of not using your national postal service too. You can also choose to send mail through private postal services. They send letters within the country as well as outside the country. These agencies generally charge more than the government service, but a lot of people believe that they are faster.
So, to courier your mail by this method, you have to pay the postal company their own charge and give them the letter. They will then transport it to the said address.
As you can see, the process is not too hard and just takes a small walk to the nearest post office. The time taken to deliver the mail depends on where the letter is going, but anywhere it goes, it shouldn't take more than a week!