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How to Find a Publisher

Kundan Pandey Jul 26, 2020
Finding publishers for your book can sometimes be more difficult than writing the book itself. Nevertheless, with patience as your best friend and these tips, you can eventually find one.
There is this revolution called the Internet that has surprisingly made life simpler. More so, for you, if you're a writer, ready with your manuscript, aiming to publish your book. If you put in genuine efforts consistently, you can rest assured that your book will surely get published, sooner or later.
The market is very competitive; publishers are busy short listing books that have the substance to make it big in the commercial market. Therefore, you've got to be patient and work for some time before you land up with a publisher, ready to immortalize your words in print.
To find a publisher to publish a book, you need to find authentic and genuine contacts. Without building good contacts in this field, you may not be able to advance further in fulfilling your dreams.

Social Media, Ready to Help.

There are various online resources such as publishing magazines, blogs, and agencies, that will help you to know about the top publishers in the US. However, for contacting top publishers like Simon & Schuster or Pearson, you don't need any research except for visiting their website and inquiring about their process to publish a book.
For local and regional publishers, you can find their addresses in listings. Why forget the greatest information source, the social networking websites? When hundreds of thousands of products and businesses are being promoted on these websites, finding contact details of publishers on similar websites won't be a tough task.

Buzz About the Book.

Visit book stores and schedule appointments with representatives of book publishers. Bookstore owners have a great experience in dealing with book publishing agents and if you request the store owner, you may be able to get a chance to speak to such agents about your book. You can give them your visiting card, just in case.

Strike the Iron While it is Hot.

You won't be able to get several opportunities to talk to senior decision makers. Hence, be ready with a few hard copies of your book. If publishers want to review your work, you must be willing to discuss it and give them a chance.
If a publisher is not ready to publish your work, you can get feedback from him. Knowing about drawbacks will help you to improve further. If need arises to visit your publishers frequently, don't step back, as that is a part and parcel of getting your book published. If someone like Stephen King has to face rejections, don't take things very personally.
Different publishing companies have different rules for selecting books. Delay from your side may be deemed to be unprofessional. Be proactive. Remember, there are thousands of them out there and you need to convince just one of them.

Sell Yourself Well.

Are you ready with a cover letter for your book? Is the synopsis, summary, number of pages, and some information regarding the book ready? If not, then do that asap because when you approach a publisher with everything ready, they'll know that you're serious about your book. Just be ready with these documents. Moreover, include a short biography.
If you follow the tips, you will definitely find a publisher. Make sure that you're aware of every term and condition regarding the publication of your book. Once you get your book published, you should aim to market it effectively.