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How Writers Can Tackle the Readers' Shrinking Attention Span

Swarali Jambhale Mar 19, 2020
Thanks to the ever-evolving technology, the writers are having a tough time to keep their impatient readers hooked on to their content! So, to tackle this tough call, writing in a quick-witted way is a must.

Leave Them Hankering

To start off with, an effective headline would be exigent! Keep your headline a bit predictable, but not too revealing. Smartly frame the headline that will make the readers do nothing but dive into the content! The headline should be Useful, Urgent, Unique and Ultra-Specific.

SEOed Content: A Must

Become a percipient of Search Engine Optimization. Single out keywords for a subject and try to embed them in your content to make it easily crawlable. The only strongest factor in Google rankings is the number and authority of the backlinking sites. So, stronger the website linking to you, stronger is your influence on Google, and better are the rankings.

Make It Feel Like a “Conversation”

Reading long text with heavy words will become wheels within wheels, right? Instead, words that we as readers can resonate to, will compel us to stay on a website wanting for more. So, speaking in the audience’s language will make writing more relatable and beneficial from the SEO perspective and general user engagement.

Be a Storyteller

Telling Stories has now become a trend and the most powerful tool to grab attention! Google has taken the Snapchat introduced Stories to a higher level with AMP Stories under the AMP project. These Stories have their hands full of potentials like buffer free pages that are visually enthralling and give an immersive tap-through experience to the readers!

Hop on the AMP Stories Trend

Imagine your content ameliorated with enthralling visuals and transformed into a brand new Story with all the updated technicalities! Visual Stories is here to help you considering all the technical odds and ends to get AMP Stories on your website with its “no-code solution”. So, jump on the AMP Stories bandwagon and get into the world of short stories!

Make the Read Worth Their While

The readers’ attention span has reduced from 12 seconds to 8 seconds in the recent times. Considering this fact, the information your content has, should be as optimized as possible to help readers in their micro moments, making them stay on the website for more follow up.

Last Words

The world is now becoming a world of online content consumers. So, a patient writer capable of adapting to the evolving trends of writing format can keep his/her head above the waters and flow with trend easily without discounting on being an attention getter!