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Graduation Thank You Notes

Charlie S Jul 18, 2020
What should be written in graduation thank you notes, and to whom should they be sent, are two main questions that most graduates face. Here are some samples of thank you notes that you can use to ease out your confusion.
You have now graduated and are receiving cards, congratulatory messages, phone calls, and gifts from your relatives, friends, and well wishers. Naturally, you will be very pleased with the praises showered by all of them.
The best way to reciprocate their kindness is to write them thank you notes. If you are confused about what should be written in these notes, then refer these examples to draw some inspiration.

Writing the Notes

Writing these notes would certainly require some early preparation from your side. First of all, you should make a list of all those who wished you after you became a graduate. Don't miss out on any name and then start thinking of the content to be written in the thank you notes.
Since, the people sending you gifts would be of different ages, you will have to change the wording accordingly. So, for your friends, you can use a casual language and be a little formal while writing to your teachers or elderly people.
You should dispatch the thank you notes in an attractive card which you can make yourself or simply buy from an art store. The thank you notes can be either sent through post or just mailed.

Examples of Notes

...For Your Mother

Dear Mom,
Thank you so much for the wonderful surprise which you gave me as a graduation gift. Today, I am happy and satisfied because I succeeded in completing my education in a convincing manner. I hope you too are equally happy on my achievement. However, this would not have been possible without your emotional as well as financial support.
Now, I am all set to make good use of my knowledge and secure a position of honor in the society. I will always remember your words of advise during my journey of life.
With love from,

...For Your Teacher

Respected Madam,
I was pleasantly surprised to receive your congratulatory email yesterday. After this result, I have a sense of achievement as I fulfilled the expectations you had from me. I am very thankful for your support during the important academic years of my life.
I owe my success to your unique teaching ways which prepared me properly for my exams. I am also grateful to you for inspiring and guiding me in times of difficulties.
Yours Sincerely,

...For Your Friend

Dear Sam,
I still cannot believe that I have become a graduate now! I really liked the gift you have sent and I promise you an equally fine surprise. After completing my studies, I feel as if I am on the top of the world and ready to conquer my dreams.
To celebrate this success, I am planning to host a grand party at my place. I will let you know the date and other details soon. Again, thank you for your support and help in my career!
Best regards,