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Freelance Writing Jobs

Gaynor Borade
Freelance writing jobs are designed to enable people to be self-employed by utilizing their creative writing skills. There are a number of avenues that one can tap, like web content developing and copywriting.
The word 'freelance' in the online world basically refers to the selling of creative writing related services to any company or web site willing to pay. There is a whole industry thriving on the art of creative copywriting. The companies offer challenging copywriting assignments that are also very lucrative.
Internet technology has made it possible for businesses of every cadre to bank on a global presence via instant remote access. Freelance jobs are designed to enable the business websites to benefit from regularly updated content, without the in-house team having to bother about the requirement.

Freelance Writing Opportunities

The jobs are generated on the basis of a contract or project basis. The idea is to complete a project or content development within a set frame of time and achieve the goal of the blog or website.
These opportunities can be accessed online. There are hundreds of home based and regular companies that source work from various people and build upon company website content. The work is identified and segregated according to the unique requirements.
Among the many freelance writing job opportunities, some of the popular options regularly advertised include blog and catalog writing, composing content for ezines, personal, and corporate copywriting. These opportunities can be availed from the comfort of home at any time.
The payments are mostly handled via PayPal in the case of assignments from abroad, while in the case of domestic companies, the HRD handles the remuneration of the special employee segment.
Freelance writing jobs are of two basic kinds:
  1. Development of fresh, unique content with inherent or learned creative writing skills.
  2. Copywriting from the text provided without scope for plagiarism.
You could also handle queries and offer regular submissions to ezines, blogs, anthologies, and newspapers, but these, too, would ideally fit into the first category. Some of these jobs that you could consider are:

Web Content Development

Web content development refers to generating content that is either business specific or hobby specific for websites. Most of the companies that operate via the internet have sites that are searched for clients, with the help of certain business-specific terms.
Thus, in order to keep the traffic flowing inward, they pay freelancers to develop and proofread fresh content every fortnight or month, or as per the policy adopted. These jobs are very easily located online, via dedicated resources and with a little experience or experiment in the field, the sky is the limit to tap potential.
This kind of online content writing is very much like traditional essay writing and it gives you a good chance to improve your vocabulary and creative writing ability.

Web Copywriting

Web copywriting is restructuring most of the content that is already available on a particular topic or business. Most of the freelance copywriting assignments are related to online sales and promotion of the business.
The difference between copywriting and web content development is that, in the former, the basic content is provided and the redesigning is done with the intent of stocking the business websites with content to generate revenue.
The exclusive and extensive use of keywords and special structuring patterns are essential in business writing. The main interest behind copywriting is to foster interest in the service provided. There are a number of job boards online that cater to the identification of these jobs. Basically, if you have a flair for language and experiment with vocabulary, then this type of writing comes easy.
Blogging, technical writing, news reporting for newsletters and ezines, feature writing, catalog and advertisement development and even ghostwriting for eBooks are all related to either content development or copywriting.
Freelance article writing jobs are very easily accessible. The scope for bonuses and incentives differ from private to corporate clients. Although experience is not a must, assimilating a little expertise on application is definitely something that boosts your chances of being integrated within the community faster.