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Feature Story Ideas

Mamta Mule
Searching for feature story ideas? Well, if you are short of ideas, and want a topic for writing a unique feature story, here are a few to help you out.
Feature stories commonly interest readers and grabs their attention. Be it a feature story published in the newspaper, magazine, or journal, readers always find them interesting.
These are lighthearted human interest stories, and are much different from hardcore news which might or might not give you information on current happenings. They are written in very soft and flowery language.

Finding the Unusual

Well, searching for something unusual is the key to some of the best and unique stories. Who is interested in reading common stories and events which take place every other day.
A nice piece is that which is unique. Know about an unusual story of a family, a firm or a great and unique achievement by an individual. Some heart-touching story from that small corner of the city or an unusual task undertaken by a person.
All these can make some amazing feature stories. Finding the real heroes between the common people is what will give you a good journalism story.

Interviewing the Achievers

You see and read a lot about those famous personalities; well, mostly in the news. Why not have a feature story on them. Yes, interviewing famous personalities and profiling their business, lifestyle, and hobbies is definitely a good idea.
A piece on the journey of famous people from starting the business till the point when they were recognized as successful entrepreneurs will make an inspiring story. Interviewing the winners of sports tournaments is another great idea.
Make sure the interview doesn't become a news item just giving details of achievements. Interviewing upcoming artists, be it from any field, has always made good feature stories.
You can also interview the winner of a science project. This is a good idea for college students, that comes from their own campus and highlights the efforts, ideas, and creativity of the project winners, which others will love to know more about.

Launching and Reviews

Latest launchings is another area that can give you a good story. Be it a new business or project, no matter how small, if it is going to benefit the common man, it's the right thing to pick. If you go to a less developed area, there are lesser essential facilities and services for the people there.
If there is a help center, clinic, etc., started for benefit of the people residing there, it's going to make a great story. For a glamor-filled story, you can cover the launch of a new product line or yet another outlet of a brand, where you will often get to meet celebrities.
Reviews of the latest dramas, movies, short films, albums, artwork, books, products, or restaurants will help people know about these more. Recipes from famous chefs with reviews of their restaurants will interest homemakers as well as youngsters.

Other Ideas

Apart from these ideas, you can yourself find many things happening in your surroundings. The lifestyle section in magazines contains a lot of feature stories. Latest fashion trends, know-how about dressing up for various occasions and in various outfits, can make interesting features for youngsters.
Pieces giving information about online security can interest almost everyone. Apart from this, knowledge on gadgets and cars will attract all those technology, automobile, and gadget freaks.