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Eulogy Examples

Narayani Karthik Jul 20, 2020
Eulogy is a token of remembrance delivered as a personalized speech for the dead. Read some tips to write an eulogy in this write-up.
Eulogy is a gesture of love and remembrance delivered as a speech at a funeral, where friends and family members share fond memories of their loved one. It is a kind act of honoring the deceased.

Writing a Eulogy

Good people seem to be always dearer to the Almighty!
One such soul, Sarah, my best friend, is not among us today. An ideal combination of beauty with brains, I still feel her presence and her laughter trying to wrap itself around me.
She has been with me from the beginning of our school to the day of graduation.
She has supported me, been there for me during my illness, even if it meant leaving her date behind.
All this being said, one unfortunate morning of October left a void in me that I suppose can never be completely filled. Sarah, my friend left us, lost in a road mishap, and took a part of me with herself.
I’m sure most of us are acquainted with this cheerful soul that would bring smile and laughter with herself. Her little jokes, her dance and her unforgettable smile makes it very difficult for me to accept the loss. But, as feeble as I am, I have to accept the fact that I was blessed to receive 20 years of proximity with someone on the side of the angels.
She might be watching us from heaven, and would hate to see me broken, crying, lamenting. She’d want me to be happy over the days that we spent together rather than grieving over the days that we didn’t. I loved and respected her. But compromising one for the other would be demeaning. So I’ll pay my respects and concur with the Lord’s mysterious ways. Amen.
This was a Eulogy for a deceased friend. You need proper preparation for writing a eulogy. Here are a few tips to write one:
  • What did he/she mean to you?
  • What did you learn from his/her life?
  • What were his/her principles in life?
  • What made the person happy?
  • What were the pleasant moments shared with the person?
  • What aspects of the person's personality were captivating?
  • What did the family members and friends think of him/her?
  • What were his/her favorite lines on life?
  • How did the person like to be remembered as?
  • What words of solace would you give to the family of the deceased?
Delivering a eulogy is as important as writing one. So here you go on how to deliver a eulogy.

Pen down your feelings

Even if you believe you are a spontaneous extempore, writing down a few lines is a must. Also gather enough information about the person from other family members and friends. Funeral is an event of sadness and the emotion levels are high and unpredictable. So it is better to be prepared.

Be discreet

It is a funeral, longer eulogies will either disinterest the people or turn them to a sulking zone. So try to cover the best moments spent with the deceased, including humor and joy.

Try to be calm

It is probable that while delivering a eulogy, a person might break down. In such cases, the priest or a rabbi can help deliver the speech. After all, the idea of a eulogy is to garner the attention of the family and friends to help them remember about a life that could have been.

Another example

I was 12 years old when I first saw her. Mrs. Jerry was my music teacher then. Her enticing smile and her soothing voice were enough to attract everyone, because of which she never had to raise her voice. She was one of those teachers for whom teaching was a passion and children were personifications of love.
It has been 7 years since I left school. The song - "These are the few of my favorite things."  from the movie Sound of Music, which she taught us for a competition still echoes through my empty heart. And when we won that event, she was so happy that she invited us to her home and treated us with chocolates.
I still remember the day when she taught us the most important lesson of our lives - "Life unravels surprise packages that keeps you guessing what it will contain. If it's good, it's called success and if it's not, it's called failure. But remember, success and failure should always be taken in the same stride as they are two sides of the same coin."
She also believed every child is special and gifted. Her famous words were - "Encouragement and love are the keys to open the box of talents hidden in a child". No wonder, she was every parent's favorite too.
Everyone who knew her even as an acquaintance was attracted to her hearty laugh which had a genuine innocence about it. Mrs. Jerry will be surely missed by her family, students, colleagues and friends.
I specially pray to the Almighty to grant enough courage and strength to her sons Jamie and Jonathan who have been suddenly deprived of the protective figure who meant a world to them.
The only self consolation we have is to have known such a good person who was beautiful inside out. Mrs. Jerry, if you are looking down from heaven, we want to let you know, we miss you from the bottom of our heart. The important lessons that you imparted will remain ingrained in our hearts forever. Amen.
Funeral is one time when one misses the deceased the most. The smile will never be seen and the words would never be spoken henceforth. Whatever remains behind are the fond memories.
When writing and delivering eulogies for a deceased, one definitely needs a lot of strength and courage of conviction. The clogged up emotions are vented out through the eulogy. It would also be a very kind act if copies of these eulogies are made for people who could not attend the funeral pertaining to circumstances.
"Now he has departed from this strange world a little ahead of me. That signifies nothing. For us believing physicists the distinction between past, present, and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion."
~ Albert Einstein~
Death is inevitable. And a eulogy makes us realize that. However it is more important to understand what is there in the heart than how it is conveyed!