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Creative Writing Jobs

Batul Nafisa Baxamusa Mar 17, 2020
If you have a flair for writing and can juggle words to explain your thoughts creatively, then creative writing jobs are just for you.
Most parents think of a well charted profession in law, medical, engineering, finance, etc. as actual jobs. It is not their fault, because writing and creativity are always thought as things to do in your spare time or to be taken up as a hobby.
If you think you have a bit of a writer in you that is waiting to come out, then you should think about creative writing jobs as a career option. It is a misconception that all writers only write stories and novels. There are many types of jobs that you can apply that suit your budding talent.

List of Creative Writing Jobs


Creative writing jobs also involve copywriting. Copy writers have to write creative letters, brochures and product design catalogs for advertisement. If you enjoy using the skills of your language to persuade and convince people, copywriting is your career path.

Book Writing

If you can plot a mystery and engross the reader to devour each page of your book, then book writing is your field.
You can try fiction writing and non-fictional books, for children and grown-ups. You can sell your manuscripts to publishing houses and if your books are well-received, then we can see another J.K. Rowling in the making.

Article Writing

This creative writing job involves learn as you write. This job involves writing articles based on information that will help people get answers to their questions.

Legacy Writer

If you have a flair for emoting people's emotions, trials and triumphs on paper, then legacy writer is a job for you.
You will need to write biographies of people that are to be handed down to their friends and family. If you truly are a genius with your creative writing job as a legacy writer you may find yourself writing for famous personalities.

Script Writing

If you can weave a plot that will glue your audience to the screen, be it television, stage plays, training videos or even movies, then you should try your hand at script writing. This job is perfect for those who believe in visual narration of their writings to books.
Script writing involves stories that include action to romance, thrillers to comedy. You need to build up a story around a given plot, create characters, make sure each actor has a role in a given scene as well as be ready to make any changes in an entire scene at a moment's notice.

Travel Writing

You love traveling and penning down what you see? Then the best creative writing job for you is travel writing. You can write for magazines, travel websites, newspapers, etc. and make the readers take an imaginary trip to the locales with your creative writing.


You can choose a freelance writing job with a newspaper or a website. You can write articles, stories, reviews, etc. for these mediums. There are many online jobs that you can apply for and become a freelance copywriter.

E-book Writing

There are many e-books available today on the Internet. These e-books many times are related to technical aspects of certain electronic gadgets for consumers.
You can try a hand with online writing of user manuals, especially if you have a technical background. This is a good opportunity for those who can merge their hobby with their profession.


Just like a screenwriter, there is a palpable demand for original song lyrics. If you think you can play with words and string them into songs, then becoming a lyricist or song writer is a good job to invest your time in.


Newspapers and magazines not only require journalists to cover different stories, but also require columnist.
These are writers who can write a short column related to current issues, relationships, cover high-profile weddings or on their take regarding certain social changes affecting the society. You may have a daily column or a weekly and even fortnightly column featured in the magazine or newspaper you work with.

Food Critic

If you love eating and can easily make out the best foods from the mediocre recipes, then this job is just for you. Food critics can make or break the reputation of a certain restaurant. All you need to do is taste the food offered at restaurants, hotels as well as other food eateries.
If you earn a name for yourself with your unbiased and honest food reviews in the food world, it will turn out to be the most satisfying career for you. This involves both financially as well as personally satisfying.

Comic Book Writer

Don't you love reading Archie, Batman, Superman and other comic books? Do you feel you could start your own comic book that contain comedy, action and all that it takes to make a good readable material? It is not necessary that you know how to draw.
You can write the lines and a good sketch artist can help create the characters of your story. So, if you are into telling your story supported by graphics, becoming a comic book writer would be a suitable profession for you.

Creative Writing Instructor

A creative writing instructor is a teacher who teaches in schools, colleges and universities. They may even conduct private seminars or workshops as an self-employed professional. As a creative writing instructor you have to teach others how to be creative or show them to channelize their creativity in the right direction.
You may have to check their prose and poetry, grade their assignments, conduct tests, monitor their classroom activities, etc. A person's reputation in this field is also required to become an instructor. However, on the other hand, a person needs to have a degree in education, or creative writing to secure a job as a creative writing instructor.


A ghostwriter is a person who writes for someone else. This means people who want to talk about their life's experiences, may not have the ability to write. In this case, the ghostwriter helps compile their ideas  and experiences into a structured story. A ghostwriter can write on a variety of subjects from personal life story to marketing strategies.
There are many jobs for creative writing. One can become a greeting card writer, creativity coach, freelance writer, playwright, video game writer and many more. Choose your field in the world of creative writing jobs and make a  writing career. You can harness your writing skills and excel in it too.