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Comparison and Contrast Essay Topics

In this write-up we make a list of comparison and contrast essay topics. Writing or having a discussion on such essay topics makes a person aware and gives a better prospective about things. So let's start...
Many think that writing a comparison and contrast essay is perhaps the easiest thing to do. All you have to do, is start listing out the similarities and the differences between two topics. Piece of cake, right?
There is a very important point that you are missing, you also have to argue as to why these similarities and differences matter, otherwise, there is no material. It is obvious that the writer should be familiar with the topic before starting an essay, only then he would be able to do justice to it.
This is why, it is essential that a considerable amount of time is spent on searching a good topic.

Choosing Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

Choosing the right comparison and contrast essay topic is important for every author. For selecting the right topic, it is essential to choose a topic which the author finds interesting and has good knowledge about. Many writers prefer to give a personal touch to their writing by including their own thoughts in such essays. Key points to a good essay are:

Know the Audience

Before even thinking about the topic, it is important to know what kind of an audience would be reading the essay. It is good to be familiar with the audience beforehand as you would like to give them an essay that they prefer reading.

Take References

Take help from secondary sources, if necessary. Some instructors prefer taking help from other sources of text when writing on comparison and contrast essay topics.

Use Your Own Thoughts

The biggest challenge for a writer is to offer his own views on any topic. When you have all the necessary information you need, without being biased use your logic and add some meaning to the topic.

Choosing the Topic

Choosing the topic is a much simple task because one makes a comparison and contrast, almost between everything in daily life. Anytime when you have to select between two items like which shirt to wear or what to eat, you are using the compare and contrast format.

A Second Look

Always have a second look at your essay after you have finished. Essay writing is a job where a million thoughts cross your mind in a minute, so it is always beneficial that you have a second revision.

Easy Essay Topics

Now that you know how to choose a compare and contrast essay topic, there is a list of some interesting topics which can be written on. Some of the topics might be very similar or very different from each other. But think again! It is all about using the logic at the right place, you will find both the characteristics in each of the topics
  • Compare and contrast Burger King and McDonald's.
  • Compare and contrast SUV and sedan.
  • Compare and contrast Halloween night to prom night.
  • Compare and contrast two of your favorite songs.
  • Compare and contrast your childhood home and your new one.
  • Compare and contrast female customers and male customers.
  • Compare and contrast tragedy and comedy.
  • Compare and contrast high school and college.
  • Compare and contrast your two favorite restaurants.
  • Compare and contrast Thanksgiving and Christmas.
  • Compare and contrast having siblings and being the alone child.
  • Compare and contrast marriage and live in relationships.
  • Compare and contrast flowers and weed.
  • Compare and contrast school bullies and felony.
  • Compare and contrast storms and blizzards.
  • Compare and contrast being bored and being afraid.
  • Compare and contrast low carbohydrate diet and low fat diet.
  • Compare and contrast World War I and World War II.
  • Compare and contrast high school graduation and preschool graduation.
  • Compare and contrast online shopping and shopping malls.
  • Compare and contrast a small dog and a big dog.
  • Compare and contrast life of a dog and cat.
  • Compare and contrast inner beauty and physical beauty.
  • Compare and contrast your worst birthday and best birthday.
  • Compare and contrast reality shows and sitcoms.
  • Compare and contrast vegetables and fruits.
  • Compare and contrast being rich and being poor.
  • Compare and contrast narcotics and antibiotics.
  • Compare and contrast outdoor activities and playing video games.
  • Compare and contrast swimming and yoga.
A good essay should always have thorough research and a solid line of reasoning in every statement. The reason that comparison and contrast essay topics have to be so much in detail because it should contain every point that the reader can think of and the author has to say.