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List of Brad Thor Books in Chronological Order

Komal B. Patil Jul 18, 2020
Brad Thor is an internationally acclaimed American thriller novelist with his novels published and sold in over 25 countries worldwide. This story brings you a list of Brad Thor books in chronological order of publication.

Government Consultant

Brad Thor is a part of the Analytic Red Cell Program of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), which brainstorms terrorist scenarios in susceptible areas and tries to anticipate possible terrorist attacks.
Apart from his books, Brad Thor has been well-known as the award-winning producer, writer, and host of the television series "Traveling Lite". Born in 1969, he chose to give up the world of television to pursue his passion of writing novels.
He believes in creating novels that are more of "faction" than fiction, referring to a genre of novels that draw inspiration from real-life scenarios and events. So much so that his books predicted the NSA Spying Scandal and the release of five controversial Guantanamo Bay detainees.
He credits such predictions to his ability to conduct in-depth research and stay abreast of all world events. The research sometimes involves him shadowing government operatives and learning on the job.
His way of writing has attracted a fair share of admirers as well as haters, to a point that he had to relocate to a different neighborhood due to the copious amounts of death threats he was receiving. In the end, all the hard work paid off, which is evident in the popularity of his books and the huge number of novels he has sold, to date, worldwide.
His books have also been acclaimed and appreciated by his peers. His book The Last Patriot was nominated for the Best Thriller of the Year by the International Thriller Writers Association (ITWA), and Blowback was voted as one of 100 Best Ever Killer Thrillers by the audiences of the National Public Radio.

The Athena Project Series

The Athena Project (2010)

Delta Force's newest all-female program 'The Athena Project' has the best and the brightest agents in the form of Gretchen Casey, Julie Ericsson, Megan Rhodes, and Alex Cooper. They are just as lethal and intimidating as their male counterparts.
When an act of terrorism claims the lives of more than twenty Americans in Rome, it falls on the Athena team members to take on one of the nation's most dangerous assignments. As they track down the Venetian arms dealer who supplied the explosives, they realize that there's more than what meets the eye.
Simultaneously, a U.S. intelligence officer makes a grim discovery in the South American jungles, and a foreign spy in Colorado is on the brink of unveiling the mystical secret hidden beneath the Denver International Airport.
As the Athena team forges on with their operation, they reach a dawning realization that the occurrence of another attack of inconceivable dimensions has been set in motion. As the team races to intercept the terrorists, the greatest threat they face may prove to be the secrets maintained by their very own government!

The Scot Harvath Series

The Lions of Lucerne (2002)

The snow-topped slopes of Utah witness the kidnapping of the President of the United States and the brutal massacre of his Secret Service detail. The lone survivor of the catastrophe is ex-Navy SEAL Scot Harvath.
The official report claims that the attack was orchestrated by Middle Eastern terrorists, but somehow Harvath finds that hard to believe and launches his own investigation to reveal the truth and exact revenge.
But as a sinister cabal accuses him of murder, he finds himself amid the mountains of Switzerland and joining forces with Claudia Mueller of the Swiss Federal Attorney's Office.
Together, they must endure and overcome the adversities along the heights of Mount Pilatus, where their sole prospect of surviving lies in the lair of the deadliest squad of assassins that have ever exis

Path of the Assassin (2003)

Having rescued the President, ex-Navy SEAL-turned Secret Service agent Scot Harvath now focuses on exposing, capturing, and eliminating all those responsible for perpetrating the plot against him.
As he works his way through a list of suspects, a convoluted trail of blood and clues leads him towards the world's most dreaded and remorseless terrorist, Hashim Nidal.
Being responsible for putting together an international alliance of Islamic terrorist networks in a pioneering stratagem designed to oust both Israel as well as America, Harvath along with his CIA-led team must intercept Nidal before it is too late.
The main obstacle in their way is the fact that they have no idea what Nidal looks like.
With no way out, Harvath is pressed to recruit a female civilian, one who has escaped a brutal hijacking and is now the only person with the ability to identify the target. Harvath must endure a tumultuous vortex of bloodshed and deceit, before the maniac's warped vision leads to an all-out war.

State of the Union (2004)

President Jack Rutledge makes an alarming discovery―enhanced Soviet-made suitcase nukes have been smuggled into America's major cities. He consults his National Security Council to determine the practicality of launching a first strike against the Russian Federation.
However, a huge problem looms overhead. Over a period of two decades, the Russians have been channeling international aid money into a top-secret air defense system that has recently been brought online, which will prove ineffective any attack that's launched towards it.
Having exhausted all options, and with Soviet sleeper agents ready to spring into action and detonate their payloads across the nation, the President enlists the services of ex-Navy SEAL and Secret Service Agent Scot Harvath.
He finds himself in the midst of a brilliantly engineered and diabolically timed conspiracy that has shattered the fragile peace between the nations of the world, and if left unchecked, would leave the United States in smoldering ruins.
With family friend and former Deputy FBI Director Gary Lawlor's disappearance and being suspected of traitorous intent, Harvath starts out on an adventure that will stretch the bonds of loyalty to its limits and unveil the nation's deepest secrets.

Blowback (2005)

A ruthless senator with her sights set on the White House causes Scot Harvath's career to come to a grinding halt, resting in ruins. However, Harvath is secretly re-enlisted by the President when the war on terror takes a spine-chilling direction.
Buried deep beneath an Alpine glacier lies an ancient weapon that was initially designed to annihilate the Roman Empire, and a malicious organization intends to use it to decimate America. In a race across Europe, Harvath must procure this ultimate weapon of destruction before the wrong people get their hands on it.

Takedown (2006)

Following years of apparent peace, a group of terrorists have decided to pull out all the stops on the 4th of July. In a precisely timed and executed attack, all the bridges and tunnels leading in and out of Manhattan have been pulverized.
While domestic resources are focused on the search and rescue of civilian citizens, a dire team of highly trained foreign soldiers methodically navigate the city to locate one of their own - a man so powerful that America will go to any lengths to keep him hidden.
Scot Harvath is now the only person who can and must fight his way through the carnage and locate the man whose existence even the government is trying to hide.

The First Commandment (2007)

In the middle of the night in Guantanamo Bay, five extremely dangerous detainees are supplied civilian clothing, driven to a nearby airstrip, made to board a plane, and set free. Six months later, in the present day, Scot Harvath finds his world permanently and drastically altered.
A sadistic killer with a personal grudge is carrying out horrific and devastating attacks on everyone Havath holds dear. Having been ordered out of the investigation, he is forced to investigate and reveal the conspiracy himself.
When he stumbles onto the connection between the secret release of detainees from Guantanamo and the attacks, he must question the motives of the organization and the nation that he serves.
On the verge of being a renegade, he risks his life in his search for the truth, as it draws him closer and closer to an encounter with someone who probably is the most dangerous man on the planet.

The Last Patriot (2008)

June 632 CE: Deep inside the Uranah Valley of Mount Arafat in Mecca, within mere days of sharing a final and jolting revelation with his closest confidants, prophet Mohammed is assassinated.
September 1789: Thomas Jefferson, the U.S. minister to France is entrusted with forming a truce with the violent Muslim pirates of the Barbary Coast, but in the course of his activities, he makes an alarming discovery that could forever affect the world's relationship with Islam.
The Present: Scot Harvath is shoved back into the life he tried to leave behind, when a car bomb is detonated outside a Parisian cafe.
Having saved the intended target of the attack, Harvath is plunged into an astounding and precarious race to reveal a secret so powerful that militant Islam would be overthrown once and for all without needing to resort to arms. But there are men, who are as powerful as they are determined to keep the prophet Mohammed's final revelation an eternal mystery.

The Apostle (2009)

When the daughter of a politically influential family is abducted abroad, America's new President will go to any lengths to recover her. Even if it means agreeing to a perilous and ill-advised rescue plan to keep the abduction under wraps.
But when Scot Harvath is charged with breaking into the world's most infamous prisons and to retrieve the man that the kidnappers are demanding as ransom, he rapidly realizes that there's more to the mission than meets the eye.
As the true motives are uncovered, he must probe his own history of tracking and eliminating terrorists and deciding if he is capable of helping one of the world's worst escape.

Foreign Influence (2010)

A new, off-the-books spy agency that reports only to a secret panel of select military insiders has been created within the Department of Defense. Its primary objective is targeting both foreign and domestic threats to America and eliminating them.
When a group of American college students are killed in a bomb detonation in Rome, all the evidence points to a menacing colleague from Scot Harvath's past, and a plot for more imminent attacks on an inconceivable scale.
Recently recruited Harvath is entrusted with utilizing his relationship with the man to lure him out and kill him. Simultaneously, the Chicago police investigate a hit-and-run case of a female victim.
In the face of unreliable witnesses and an unidentified culprit, the investigation comes to a standstill. But when the family's attorney makes inquiries, he comes close to uncovering the startling connection of the case to the bombing in Rome.
As the connection emerges, the plots converge into a dash to stop one of the most horrendous acts of war in the history of mankind.

Full Black (2011)

When an off-the-books mission goes awry, a wave of terrifying terrorist attacks ensues, with the sole goal of complete annihilation of the United States. With the CIA's intelligence resources compromised, Scot Harvath initiates a daunting mission to infiltrate the terrorist network and forestall the biggest threat that the nation has ever faced.
Simultaneously, a foreign wet work team makes its way to California to capture one of the most famous movie producers, Larry Salomon. The secret documentary he has been working on has inadvertently unveiled the world's richest and the most highly connected power-broker.
A man who has a revolutionary anti-American agenda that could potentially plunge the nation into mayhem and chaos. As the plots reach their climactic ends and the identities of those responsible are laid bare, Harvath is left with only one way to save America―to go Full Black.

Black List (2012)

Deep inside the United States government exists a closely watched-over list, accessible only to the President and a secret team of advisers. The names on the list do not come off till that person is dead. The recent addition to the list is Scot Harvath's name.
He must now elude and circumvent the teams charged with eliminating him, and figure out who put the target on his back and why.There is someone that can help him put everything together, but the question is - will Harvath be able to contact that person before he ends up dead? And will he be able to prevent the most devastating terrorist attack ever imagined?

Hidden Order (2013)

When dead bodies of high-profile kidnap victims in Washington, D.C. start appearing, and the ransom demand is made public, the city is gripped with panic and fear.
Scot Harvath is enlisted and sent out on a chase of the most dangerous threat America has ever witnessed. In his pursuit, he must unravel tangled webs of conspiracies dating back to the 1700s, in time to prevent the evil about to be unleashed.

Act of War (2014)

After a CIA agent's cryptic demise, his lead asset shows up making a shocking claim. The only problem is that no one thinks she can be trusted.
But when a lethal chain of events is set into motion, America's President enlists Scot Harvath to carry out two of the nations most perilous operations, code-named "Gold Dust" and "Blackbird". He must work to carry out the missions in absolute secrecy as the discovery of either of these operations would lead to an all-out war.
Brad Thor captivates the reader's attention down to the very last word. His official website offers details of upcoming releases, free preview chapters, book tours, and links to his interviews. It also features his blog, which can give you a deeper insight into the inner workings of his mind.