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Biography of Michelle Malkin

Rutuja Jathar Jul 16, 2020
In this biography of Michelle Malkin, we talk of an amazing personality who is a conservative author, a political commentator, and a well-known TV personality. She always makes the news by her bold statements and slapstick remarks that are often indigestible to the liberals.
Malkin was born as Michelle Maglalang, on October 20, 1970, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in the United States. She was, born to Philippine citizens Dr. Apolo and Rafaela Maglalang. She spent her childhood in Absecon, New Jersey, and graduated from Oberlin College. She refers to it as a 'radical left-wing, liberal arts college.'

Early Career

She began her career as an editorial writer and weekly columnist for the 'Los Angeles Daily News'. She worked there from 1992-94. Michelle Malkin was named the 'Warren Brooke's Fellow' in 1995, at the 'Competitive Enterprise Institute' in Washington, D.C. She moved to Seattle, Washington, in the year 1996. There she wrote for 'The Seattle Times'.
Malkin was on the editorial board of the same and wrote editorials and weekly columns for more than three years. Later on, she became a national syndicate columnist in the year 1999, with 'Creators Syndicate'.
Her syndicated columns appear in over a hundred national newspapers, such as The New York Times, Reader's Digest, World Report, The Washington Post, USA Today, and the U.S. News. Her freelance articles have appeared in the Wall Street Journal, Reason magazine, and Weekly Standard.
She has been a guest commentator on MSNBC, C-SPAN, and other national radio programs. She also has been a frequent guest on 'Hannity and Colmes', 'The O'Reilly Factor', '20/20' and 'The McLaughlin Group' on Fox TV. Currently, she is a news commentator for the same. 'The Virginia Pilot' dropped her column claiming that she was 'An Asian Ann Coulter'.
To this, Michelle's response was, "I'm not Asian, I'm American, for goodness' sake. I would take the comparison to Ann Coulter as somewhat of a compliment." In 2007, she announced her not returning to 'The O'Reilly Factor', saying the show has fired the dispute over the statements made on her, by fellow television commentator Geraldo Rivera.


Michelle has always been well-known for her investigative journalism and hard-hitting commentary. She has been honored with several well-deserved awards, such as, the 'National Award' (by COGEL in 1998), given to outstanding contributors, for the cause of governmental ethics and leadership.
This was in because of her investigative columns that exposed campaign finance abuses by the Washington state Republicans, Democrats, and political organizations. In 1997, she received the National Society of Newspaper Columnist's writing award, for general interest columnists in widespread newspapers and the 'Evert Clark Science Award'.
They were given out to the journalists under the age of 30, for the commentary and analysis of environmental regulations and science policy. She was presented with the 1998 Second Amendment Foundation's James Madison Award ("for promoting the individual right to keep and bear arms").


The New York Times bestseller, 'Invasion: How America Still Welcomes Terrorists, Criminals, and Other Foreign Menaces' was her first book, published in 2002. After that, she wrote 'In Defense of Internment: The Case for 'Racial Profiling in World War II' and 'The War on Terror', in which she defended the Japanese American internment by the US Government.
The book created a lot of controversy across the country. Many, including Manzanar National Historic Site, argued that the central thesis of the book was wrong. As a result of this, her column was dropped from the Hawaiian newspaper 'Midweek'. Michelle's third book was published in 2005, and it was called 'Unhinged: Exposing Liberals Gone Wild'.
Malkin's fourth book, Culture of Corruption was released in July 2009. It was a direct allegation on the then governing council. Following that, she released two other books, Who Built That in 2015 and Sold Out in 2015 which she wrote with John Miano. Who Built That was a direct challenge to a statement by the then President, Barack Obama.

Other Important Facts

She created a political blog in 2004, that instantly became hugely popular. The 'National Republican Senatorial committee' included her among the 'top five most-read national conservative bloggers' list in the year 2007.
In 2003, she criticized the legal doctrine of 'Birthright Citizenship', arguing that the custom of granting automatic citizenship at birth to children of tourists, temporary workers (such as Yaser Esam Hamdi), and to countless 'anchor babies' delivered by illegal aliens on American soil, undermines the integrity of citizenship and national security.
She repeatedly criticized the 'Sanctuary City' (US cities where illegal immigrants are protected) because the local authorities did not enforce the national immigration laws.
Let it be the SAW (Students Against War) controversy, that proved a threat to her life, or her stirring comments on another television celebrity, Rachael Ray; Michelle Malkin could never escape from controversies.
In her appearance as a news analyst in 2009, she explained opposing the 13-week extension of unemployment benefits, claiming that people will delay jobs until three weeks before the benefits run out. But, all the controversies couldn't restrain her captivating trait of giving frank opinions on different issues.
She is the CEO of the 'Hot Air' website, which is a conservative Internet broadcast network. Apart from hardcore journalism, she likes pier fishing with her father, crocheting, and playing classical piano. Michelle Malkin has definitely changed the look of modern journalism, and she is an inspiration for all her admirers as well.