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Best Selling Romance Novels

Sheetal Mandora Feb 27, 2020
Even after heavy critisism, romance genre is existing because of its dedicated readers.
Romance novels are one of the most popular genre in modern literature and is read in over 90 different languages all across the world. Romance category consists of 9 subgenres such as fantasy, science fiction, paranormal, historical, contemporary, time-travel, inspirational, erotic, and multicultural romance.
Even though the genre has millions of followers worldwide, it still receives high criticism and ridicule (even after being this popular and having a large fanbase) by the mass. But we are not here to discuss what others have opined about this genre.
What we are more concerned about is the fact that there are millions of books sold each year and people look forward to reading them. So if you wish to get your hands on some of the best selling romance novels, here are some recommendations.

Must-read novels

These novels are not about topless men on the covers, unimaginable storylines, and cheesy dialogs. Although there's nothing wrong about such novels as there may be thousands of people who read them, some readers don't believe it to be real "romance".
There have been thousands of classic novels that demand a re-read time and again. Let's have a look into some of the works that have emerged as some of the most famous novels written till date.

Helen Hoang ~ The Kiss Quotient

Published in June, 2018, The Kiss Quotient is one of those books that make you forget the real world and encompasses you in a world of words and imagination. Based on the romantic journey of a math whiz who, oblivious to the world of romance, suddenly finds herself spiraling down the path she chose not to tread on.
A wonderful concept and some really good writing makes this book a must read for romantics and non-romantics alike. The second part to the series is slotted to make an entry next year.

Candace Camp ~ His Sinful Touch

What would you do if a woman turned up at your doorstep dressed as a man? Candace Camp's beautiful and heart rendering story about a woman who, failing to remember everything sans her name, arrives at the doorsteps of a man who helps overcome her amnesia.
The sheer audacity of the concept works magic in the eyes of skeptics who refuse to believe in the concept of love. The book was originally published in January 2018 and is still going strong.

Gaston Leroux ~ The Phantom of the Opera

It was originally named as Le Fantôme de l'Opéra, a publication in serial form from 1909 to 1910 by the French writer Gaston Leroux. It is better known as one of the hit Broadway shows, The Phantom of the Opera musical.
Andrew Lloyd Webber who directed it says, "The musical focuses on a beautiful singer, Christine Daaé, who becomes the obsession of a mysterious, disfigured musical genius known as "The Phantom of the Opera," who terrorizes the Paris Opera."

Nicholas Sparks ~ The Notebook

This romantic novel was published in 1996 and narrates the tale of two teens falling in love over the summer holidays. Perhaps you remember watching "The Notebook" movie starring Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams. If you liked watching the movie, you'll love reading the book as well.

Sherrilyn Kenyon ~ Dark Hunter (series)

Best known for the Dark Hunter series, Sherrilyn Kenyon has written and printed 8 novels under the series, with Night Embrace published in 2003. "The Dark Hunters are immortal warriors pledged to the Greek goddess Artemis and dedicated to defending mankind against Daimons (vampires) and other assorted enemies: including a couple of rogue gods and goddesses."

Stephenie Meyer ~ Twilight (series)

It is a four-novel series based on vampire fantasy. The book follows the life of Isabella Swan, a teenager who falls in love with Edward Cullen, a 104 year old vampire. The first novel of the series Twilight was published in 2005. Other novels in the series are New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Down.

Susan Elizabeth Phillips ~ It Had to Be You

"It Had to Be You" is a rom-com that depicts the life of Phoebe Somerville, who is a blonde-glam girl overlooked by many. The novel was published in 1994 and has been a crowd-pleaser ever since.

Novels You Shouldn't Miss Out On

We all have kept our teen habits alive till date and searched all over for novels that are worth reading. Out of the thousands of novels published each year, here's a few more to add to the list.
  • Diana Gabaldon ~ Outlander
  • Connie Brockway ~ As You Desire
  • Colleen McCullough ~ The Thorn Birds
  • Knight in Shining Armor ~ Jude Deveraux
  • Gabriel Garcia Marquez ~ Love in the Times of Cholera
  • Julie Garwood ~ The Bride
  • Tom and Sharon Curtis ~ The Windflower
  • Murasaki Shikibu ~ The Tale of Genji
  • Jane Austen ~ Pride and Prejudice
  • Julie Garwood ~ The Secret
  • Stephanie Laurens ~ The Devil's Bride
  • Judith McNaught ~ Kingdom of Dreams
  • Judith McNaught ~ Once and Always
  • Susan Elizabeth Phillips ~ Kiss an Angel
  • LaVyrle Spencer ~ Morning Glory
  • Judith McNaught ~ Whitney, My Love
  • J. D. Robb ~ Naked in Death
  • Linda Howard ~ Dream Man
  • Loretta Chase ~ Lord of Scoundrels
  • Margaret Mitchell ~ Gone in the Wind
  • Jane Eyre ~ Charlotte Bronte
The list is endless because there are many authors who pour their hearts and souls into their work. With new authors emerging on the horizon each day, it won't be surprising to see some more amazing works headed our way. Feel free to comment about your favorite novels and let us know which ones you have read and the ones you would like to read in the future.