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Avoid Writing Long and Boring Content With AMP Stories

Ishwari Pamu Mar 22, 2020
With the web on the brink of information overload, AMP Stories is the best content format to deliver information in an optimized fashion.
Tons of information is being generated on every possible subject matter on a daily basis and hundreds of articles are available on a single subject, leading users to deal with information overload.
With today’s world moving expeditiously and the declining attention spans, readers rarely stop to read long traditional articles. Purely text-driven and lengthy content, though highly informative, is not enough for the reader’s eyes. They need an added incentive to stay on your page and relate to your content.

Avoid the Beaten Path

It is vital that you provide your readers with an immersive canvas that’ll keep them enthralled. The Stories Format lets you grab your audience’s undivided attention with its visually represented information. Its principal allure is how ably it amalgamates with mobile devices, which in turn provides an enhanced user experience.

AMP Stories Save the Day!

As the Stories format is dominating the web, Google’s AMP Stories have gained worldwide popularity. They are complete and standalone snippets of information and support vivid visuals with native video and image performance. They are specifically designed to be mobile-focused and have swipeable slides which make navigation easy.

Make Every Word Count

Writing lengthy and elaborate articles detailing a subject can prove to be time-consuming and take longer to scan through, which may lead readers to leave the page. With AMP Stories, you can tell important Stories that are visually-rich and have precise and relevant information, that can best explain a subject making them worth reading.

Loads in the Blink of an Eye

With AMP Stories taking the Internet by storm, the long form articles have lost their competitive edge. Present day articles, though not entirely text-driven, take longer to go through, and have a longer page load time. On the contrary, AMP Stories can be read through a quick glance and load 3 times faster though they are well-stocked with visuals.

Bells and Whistles

AMP Stories, if paired with the right assets, proper formatting and visual aids, can provide a better user experience and make users feel native to the experience. Along with being complete in themselves, AMP Stories can send out a message, explain an event or a concept, without requiring the users to link out.
Visual Stories provides you with an AMP Story Builder, a tool which lets you create visually-vibrant AMP Stories and makes it easy to deliver modern user experiences. Along with extensive customization options, this builder also lets you upload your own images, thus providing you with your own personal library of images.
Visual Stories lets you guest blog on multiple websites that are a part of the Visual Stories Network (VSN). It can also help you get AMP Stories on your website without altering the online presence of your website.