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6 Tips to Write a Blog in the Stories Format

Amulya Kalyanshetti Jul 4, 2020
With Web Stories - the visual content format, taking over the traditional text-driven content format, you definitely need some surefire blog writing tips.
In this cut-throat competition, wondering about how to write a blog and hook your audiences quickly? Visually engaging and fast-loading Web Stories is the solution. Web Stories, driven by Google’s innovative AMP Project, are tap-through and full screen content that load instantly on mobile phones.
Web Stories load faster than regular web pages and score high on user engagement metrics, as Google has started ranking fast-loading content on the Web. And so, blogging in the modern storytelling format is the need of the hour. For this, you definitely need some blog writing tips in the Stories Format.

Headline and Sub-heading: Gateway to Your Blog

Make the headlines captivating. Don’t give it all in the title or headline of your story. Use related adjectives and words that your readers will look for, but don’t go overboard with it. The sub-heading is like a road map to the blog; it’s a must.

Content is King, Context is God

Write bite-sized, precise, factually accurate (especially when mentioning statistics) and snackable content. Web Stories, with its visually-vibrant content format; allows writers, bloggers or marketers to give an enhanced reading experience to the user.
Directly come to the point, rather than introducing the characters and explaining the plot. Make lists, use text emphasis and varied font size to highlight key points of your blog. It adds to the structural value of your blog. Let the climax strike a chord with your readers.

A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words

Use images, videos, animation and graphs that depict the content core of your blog, to make the blog visually appealing. Web Stories, albeit being loaded with images, videos, and graphics, load faster. Thus, you can include different videos and images per slide, for creating visually-vibrant content.
You can upload images and videos in a Web Story. Lesser the size of the video, faster will your Stories load.

Interactive Content Rules

Ask questions addressing reality (be it technology, animals or any other niche) and offer solution to the same. This increases user engagement levels. Visually-driven Stories format, has made it easier to deliver modern, immersive user experiences.

Make It About Depth of Field

Bruno Barbey rightly said, ‘Photography is the only language that can be understood anywhere in the world.’ Keeping this philosophy in mind, you can start your own, niche specific photoblog covering topics right from photojournalism, caricatures, travelogues, artwork, decor ideas and so on. All you need is, an apt tool to create such Stories.

Tool It to the Aesthetics

Visual Stories is a visual blogging platform for writers, bloggers and marketers to create visually engaging Web Stories with minimal efforts. The Web Story Builder by Visual Stories, one of a kind tool, driven by latest technologies to deliver immersive user experiences. You can sign up and guest-post on different categories in the Visual Stories Network.
Make your blog the apple of readers’ eye! Start writing a visual blog today in this state-of-the-art Stories format, stay ahead of the competition and grow your reader base.