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6 Mistakes to Avoid While Writing a Blog

Writing a blog? Avoid these most common blog writing mistakes and win over your readers.
Akshay Kulkarni

Writing Without a Process

If you're a blogger who just stares at a blank word document until the words flow out, then you're doing it wrong. You must develop a writing process: fix a title, write an outline, structure it properly, and then fill in the bits. Maintaining a writing process helps you take charge of your writing.

Clickbait-y Titles

You should never puff up a title just for the sake of scoring clicks. The title should not misdirect the reader, it should stay true to the forthcoming content.

Machine Approach

Some bloggers tend to write blogs in a stiff tone, it turns the blogs into essays. In today's day and age, that type of writing doesn't work. Write with a human approach, get personal with the readers and try to evoke emotions in them through your writing.

Lack of Proofreading

No one’s a perfect writer and even the great ones make errors. But remember, grammatical errors can be a major let-down for the reader. So, after you are done writing, proofread your content for grammatical or punctuation errors and edit if you find any.

Text-Heavy Posts

Most often, bloggers follow the predefined path of traditional blog formats which only focus on text. Adapt to modern blogging formats, websites like Visual Stories help you create a visual blog in the Web Stories format, which enhances your text by adorning it with rich visuals.

Writing for Everyone

While writing, don’t go overboard on trying to please everyone with covering every topic you can imagine. You should decide on a specific niche, develop a reader base in that area and try to feed that particular group with quality content.